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Macau, Right In The Kisser

Speaking of which, Charla and Mirna flag down a taxi and get him to lead them to the island, but then Mirna actually has to drive the car, and this presents a problem. Mirna channels her insecurity about her inability to drive this particular car into an escalating harangue directed at Charla about how Charla should drive the car. And I really don't think Charla can drive the car, which gave this whole thing a nasty stench of her just trying to show up Charla by demanding that she do something and putting Charla in the position of saying that she can't do it. Even though Mirna says the seat comes forward, the fact remains that the car still isn't designed for Charla's dimensions. So, of course, Mirna drives off in the car and immediately hangs it up on the curb, having no idea how to get it free. Now she's blocking the road and can't even move her car, so people are building up behind her and honking madly, which is pretty fantastic, from my point of view. Maybe I'll start honking whenever she annoys me. HONK!

We go to commercials, and when we come back, we're still in the middle of Charla and Mirna's adventure trying to unhook their car from the curb. When they finally get going again, Mirna only has one thing to say: "It would be so helpful one day if you could drive the car." Because, of course, it has never occurred to Charla that it would be nice to be able to get in a standard car and drive it around. It has never occurred to Charla that her size is inconvenient until Mirna pointed out that Charla's size is inconvenient for her. I'm sure Charla's like, "Oh my God, I HAVE BEEN SO SELFISH."

At long last, Danny and Oswald arrive at the mini-Moke and retrieve the clue. They ask their same old loser cab driver to lead them to Taipa, and as they drive off in the tiny vehicle, which I think would feel to me like driving a souped-up golf cart down the interstate, Danny comments, "This is where I die." Heh.

Teams ask for directions. At the moment, the BQs and Eric and Pink are duking it out for first place. We cut to Phil and the mat and the greeter,'s the BQs heading up the stairs. They land on the mat in first place, and they're a little surprised, because they have no way of knowing (of course) what happened to Danny and Oswald. They each win a WaveRunner, and they're pretty psyched about that, for obvious reasons. Waves are for Running! The BQs confess to Phil that they paid Danny and Oswald to Yield Eric and Pink. At this, a hole opens in the earth, and they are transmitted to the pits of hell.

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