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Speaking of whom, Eric and Pink are heading for the mat, and Eric is reminding her that they need to keep moving, because they have a penalty to wait out, in all likelihood. Indeed, when they reach the mat, Phil tells them that while they're the second team to get there, they'll have to wait for thirty minutes before he can check them in.

Charla and Mirna head for the pit stop. Eric fidgets and paces near the mat, and Pink says he's making her nervous. Oswald and Danny are following their cab, trying to find the right spot. Eric complains that the other teams are "sneaky and backstabbers," unlike him. Because he would never, for instance, cancel someone else's cab. As he and Pink are standing around, the BQs come out, and Pink gives them the shocking news that Eric and Pink were Yielded. Dustin says she's going to explain it. They explain how they were approached by Danny and Oswald, and Kandice says that she and Dustin told the guys that they'd pay them to Yield "somebody else but us." Of course, this may be a lie, or it may very well be the way the conversation started before the BQs were told to choose the team to Yield. To me, this isn't that big of a deal, even if she is lying, because...there were only two options for teams to Yield. It's not like Danny and Oswald made that offer never anticipating that it could affect Eric and Pink. It's not like they were chosen from a group of fifty teams, in which case who picked them out would be a fairly big deal. Once Dustin and Kandice admit that they paid for the Yield to be used, I'm not sure it matters all that much to any of these people who chose between Eric and Pink and Charla and Mirna. Eric continues to bitch about how he's going to throw Danny and Oswald off the roof, and Kandice points out that she's partially responsible, since she and Dustin paid Danny and Oswald to do it. Eric offers to throw her off, too. It's always the people most in need of being thrown off a roof who aren't thrown off a roof.

Danny and Oswald, driving. Charla and Mirna, driving. "Ay, dios mio!" Danny and Oswald are let out of their cab, but they're not at the right place. With a little more than fourteen minutes in penalty time remaining for Eric and Pink, Charla and Mirna check in as team number two. I think they expected to be last, kind of forgetting about the penalty, so they're pleased. More honking over the next episode or two.

Danny and Oswald, searching for the right place. Now it looks like maybe they're on the wrong side of the island? I have to say, if it were me, I think I would have changed cab drivers somewhere along the line, since they haven't been able to communicate with this dude at all. In fact, I suspect that if this is karma, it has come in the form of this cab driver.

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