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Eric and Pink are praying. With ten minutes left, he tells her grumpily that Danny and Oswald will show up in four minutes. Penalty time winds down; Danny and Oswald drive. Lather, rinse, repeat. Pink continues to pray after Eric thinks he sees a car, and then before you know it, their penalty time has expired, and they're able to check in. They're so happy that they actually hug. Thus touching each other! Voluntarily! come Danny and Oswald. You are the last team to arrive. But! This is a non-elimination leg, so you will be continuing to next week, although you are marked for elimination. They look shocked and...not entirely glad. "That's lovely" from Oswald sounds a little bit sarcastic. Danny swears that they're happy -- they're just tired. As you would expect, we get a lot of talk here about how this is karma kicking them in the butt, and they had navigation problems as a cosmic consequence of using the Yield, which...I cannot stand.

We have a little montage of four teams all swearing they're going to win, and we are out.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Pink struggles. And Danny and Oswald struggle with being marked. And I pray that karma turns out to exist, meets Mirna, and throws water in her face.

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