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Macau, Right In The Kisser

5:23 AM. Dustin and Kandice. In an interview, Dustin explains that until they make it to the final three, they're racing "like [they're] in last place." She adds: "It's almost like wild animals fighting for food." Yeah...almost. When they start tearing out each other's throats, you'll know we're reaching the end. At the ferry terminal, they're hoping that Oswald and Danny haven't caught their ferry yet, but...of course, they did. They get tickets, hoping that they can get themselves a bit of a lead.

Elsewhere, Oswald and Danny get off the ferry at the other end and immediately see the rickshaw guy. He hands them their clue, which says to take a taxi to "the tallest structure in Macau." Phil explains that they now have to "figure out" that the tallest structure is the Macau Tower. They'll take a taxi there, then search inside for another clue. Oh, and? "Caution: Yield Ahead." Phil explains that this is the second of the two Yields. Blah blah, make another team wait, blah blah. Oswald tells their cab driver that they have to find a place with something to jump from, so I don't think he's in too much suspense about what it is they're looking for, here. Either he anticipates the upcoming Roadblock, or Oswald is taking the stress of the race harder than I thought. The guy tells them they want the Macau Tower, and they take off. Oswald explains in the taxi that if they Yield anyone, it would be the team right behind them. Which is, of course, the opposite of good Yield strategy, but also the most tempting thing if you're looking at racing in a particularly nervous manner. They say, though, that in general, they're not planning to use the Yield at all.

The BQs are now on a ferry as well, and they say that they're glad to be alone, since ferries have a bad history of turning into huge bunching points. Danny and Oswald, meanwhile, get to Macau Tower and learn that it doesn't open until 10:00 AM. So that really is a bunching point. Dustin and Kandice get off the ferry and get the rickshaw clue. When they hear that there's a Yield coming, they're kind of concerned, given the "dirty hookers"-style reaction they got from using it last time. They get the information on Macau Tower, and in the cab, Dustin says that she senses that maybe they're going to be Yielded. I have the same sense.

7:06 AM. Mirna and Charla. As they head off the mat, Mirna interviews that there are actually people who think that she should treat Charla in a special way because she's short, but she just treats Charla in a regular way. As you will see in certain parts of this episode, she's telling the complete truth. She treats Charla in exactly the same way she treats cab drivers and ticket agents, not to mention other contestants. No favoritism, no fuss. Mirna assures us that while other teams probably see her as "a tyrant," she's just trying to win. And you can't win without berating your partner, DUH. I did briefly thrill to the idea that Charla would get to the ferry and do another round of her pantomime explanation of "amigo, we need to go to the ferry." That would make Mrs. Music Stylist the happiest lady in America. But no, they go to the terminal and get on the boat without incident, international or otherwise. Mirna says that they should get their "barf bags ready, just in case." I'm sorry, the joke is just too obvious. It's like stepping on a bug.

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