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Macau, Right In The Kisser

Danny and Oswald are standing around at Macau Tower, stressing about the amount of money that they have. Or, really, that they don't have. Oswald says they only had $73, and they spent $50 on the ferry and more for cabs, so they're in fairly desperate need of cash. Just then, Dustin and Kandice show up. They start to chat amicably with the boys, and Oswald is "teasing" about the guys being in front of them, while Danny "mock"-threatens that they're going to Yield the BQs. Of course, this has the effect of reminding the BQs that Danny and Oswald could, in fact, Yield them, and it might not be all that funny. Remember, Danny and Oswald did, in fact, say in the cab that they if they Yielded anyone, it would be Dustin and Kandice. And they did, in fact, merely note that they didn't think they'd "need" to use the Yield -- and that was before they lost a lead of an hour and a half. I kind of think that they want to Yield someone anyway, because they're concerned about having lost their entire lead. Oswald says to the BQs, "We have a little offer on the Yield." Oswald explains that they're broke, and they need money, and in exchange for money, they'll Yield whomever the BQs want. It kind of feels like something comes before this, though, because of the way Oswald says "we'll Yield whoever you want." It's like a name has already been put out, and Oswald is qualifying by saying it can be anyone. But I could be making that up. My mind is sometimes almost as creative as Mirna's. The BQs have a chat in which they discuss whether or not to take this deal.

Mirna and Charla get off the ferry and get the clue from the rickshaw guy. They get the lead on Macau Tower and take off.

Back at the tower, the BQs decide that they do have enough money to pay Oswald and Danny to Yield someone -- someone else, which is kind of the point. In deciding whom to choose, they talk about whether they'd rather have Eric and Pink in the final three or Charla and Mirna. They're thinking Eric and Pink are stronger competition, although I'm not sure the facts bear that out, entirely. Kandice feels like it's weird in some way to Yield the same team twice. There also has to be the pull of the fact that it would be infinitely more satisfying on a personal level to Yield Charla and Mirna, no? Maybe it would just be infinitely more satisfying to me. Although I think I'd have to accompany it with a pie in the face in order for it to be truly satisfying. They talk about the fact that "the Yield is a tool to be used in the game." They are totally not getting the fact that the Yield is actually a test of your moral fiber, much like whether you do or do not collect rent when people land on your properties in Monopoly (thanks, EEFPs, for that analogy).

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