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Oswald, meanwhile, is telling Danny that he's just sick over doing this. Danny assures him it's not a big deal, but Oswald continues to fret. As the BQs discuss the final decision, Dustin says that paying Danny and Oswald to Yield Eric and Pink is really paying Danny and Oswald not to Yield them. They head over to Danny and Oswald and make the deal, and Danny is so happy to have the money that he's jumping up and down. "Now, we officially are the Yield Queens," laughs Kandice. Heh. You can tell that little insult really got to her. "I'm not happy," Oswald sniffs. I'm not happy either, although for different reasons, I'm pretty sure.

9:31 AM. Eric and Pink. Eric says that he's not happy about the fact that they're working their way up from the bottom. Pink reminds everyone of their "marked for elimination" situation, and how they're going to have a half-hour penalty if they don't come in first. They head for the ferry. I am just overwhelmed, when it comes to this team, by how much I don't care. I feel like if I wanted to see fifty people just like them, I'd just go to L.A. and sit in a juice bar for fifteen minutes.

Mirna and Charla get to the tower and find everyone standing around. Mirna has her hair all curled and big today, and Kandice comments on how nice it looks. Of course, Mirna says "Thaaaanks" in this "fuck you, bitch" kind of way, which makes sense, because when evil people compliment your hair, you really have to stand up for yourself. As the teams stand around, Dustin notices a poster advertising "the world's highest Skyjump" here at the tower. She's thinking that's probably a hint about what's to come. Meanwhile, on the ferry, Eric and Pink are gearing up for their big effort to catch up, which has already been facilitated by the enormous bunching that's happening here at the immediate start of the leg, which is a fairly foolproof way to rob your "marked for elimination" thing of most of its meaning.

At 10:00 AM, the tower opens, and the three teams waiting rush inside. They grab numbers, and the BQs manage to get the first number, followed by Danny and Oswald, followed by Mirna and Charla. But as it turns out, they can't actually go up the tower until 11:00, so they have to stand around for another hour. During that hour, Charla asks Danny and Oswald if they need money. She mentions that she and Mirna don't have much, but they'd be happy to spare a little. Oswald says that Charla will just have to believe him that they managed to get some money back. And you can kind of already tell that he's assuming this position where it's a major setback that they've abandoned their principles, blah blah blah. The BQs observe this little powwow going on from a distance, and they wonder whether there's something shady going on. They agree that all they can do is hope Oswald and Danny stick to what they said they were going to do. I find it amusing that they suspect Oswald of double-dealing when he's actually in the process of trying to cosmically undo the dealing that he already did.

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