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Macau, Right In The Kisser

Charla jumps off the building. She and Mirna finish and get going, and in the cab, Mirna totally bullshits Charla about the Yield thing. Basically, Mirna claims that Oswald told her that the BQs "convinced" him and Danny to Yield Eric and Pink for money. Which is ridiculous, because Oswald told her that they offered. Not that I expect her to tell the truth, I guess. "Sometimes, people just don't realize the Yield backfires on you." Unlike lying through your teeth, I guess, which typically turns out fine.

The BQs' taxi seems a bit lost. Oswald tells us that he and Danny are relaxed and calm, but not "lax" or anything. The BQs climb in another cab, and while I don't think this is what's causing the difficulty, I hope that they're figuring out that it's not "Lo Lim Loc Gardens," but "Lo Lim Ioc Gardens." Damn sans serif clue fonts. This literally confuses every team for the entire day -- I don't think there's one correct pronunciation.

Finally, Eric and Pink's Yield sand runs out, and they proceed to the Roadblock clue box. Eric winds up taking it after all, so he proceeds out onto the ledge to do the walk. Eric walks, tries to act cool, blah blah. Pink talks about how, just that morning, they were talking about how this could be their last leg. YES, PLEASE. Eric jumps. He lands safely. I'm indifferent. They get the clue for the gardens and take off. In the taxi, Eric talks about how they're trying to make up time, and about how Danny and Oswald are "cowards." Because a brave person is one who lets other people in a race catch up with him. I think that's from Eastern philosophy.

Over in Danny and Oswald's cab, Oswald explains that if they hadn't made the deal with the BQs, they would be out of money and wouldn't necessarily have even finished the leg. Everybody's taxis seem to be on the way now, despite the earlier navigation issues and the complication introduced by the driving rain. First to arrive at the gardens, as it turns out, are Oswald and Danny. They note the beautiful gardens, as well as the fact that there's no time to literally stop and smell the roses. They find a clue box and pull out a clue for a Detour. Phil explains that the choice is between "two traditions of Macau." No cutesy names this time -- just Noodle and Dragon. I do love hearing Phil say, "In 'Noodle...'" I could listen to Phil say "in noodle" all day, for reasons I don't understand. Anyway, in Noodle, you find a building and "choose a noodle-making station." (It's all gold, really.) You "use traditional methods to flatten the dough," which turns out to mean that do I even say this? You straddle a big heavy pole that's rigged to bounce up and down on the dough and flatten it out. Then you cut it into noodles, and you're done. I'm fascinated by the bouncy pole and wonder if it was invented by lonely women, because otherwise, wouldn't a simple rolling pin be easier? Maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, in Dragon, you go a mile to a warehouse and choose a dragon head and a drum, and you carry them three-quarters of a mile through town to a dock. At the dock, you attach your dragon head to a boat. This task does not involve intimacy with poles, making it inherently inferior, if you are Paul Verhoeven.

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