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Laundry chaos continues. Lori reminds Dave to hang the clothes back on the line after he takes them off, and he's all "I know that," which is what makes it funny that there are several pieces of clothes on the ground behind him at that precise moment. Maybe those are the things he decided to keep. You know, a pair of pants here, a shirt there -- it's a long race. Lake and Michelle give up on the lines they've been searching and head for another balcony.

Ray and Yolanda finish the bell Detour just as MoJo did -- he carries it up the stairs solo. I think it's really awkward to hold that thing between two people and coordinate the walking, so it might be easier this way, even if each person is plenty strong enough to do his or her share. Yolanda takes this opportunity to say, in a voice-over, that Ray is "everything [she's] looking for in a partner." That's nice. It's a little odd that they chose this moment to point it out, but...all right. ["Maybe she's been waiting all her life for a bell carrier." -- Wing Chun] Yolanda reminds Ray not to drop the bell on the priest's feet. Hee. Never injure the clergy; that is a pretty good rule of thumb. They get on their way with the next clue.

Suddenly, Dave and Lori are saved when she finds an Amazing Tag. They get the clue for Segesta and leave. They aren't sure whether they want to Yield anyone.

Ray and Yolanda, for their part, are off asking for directions. As you will learn, asking for directions makes up a major part of their recreational activity. In fact, one of the EEFPs noted this week that it might be that the reason they don't see each other very often is that they spend a lot of time fruitlessly looking for each other. They're heading for their car as Dave and Lori are leaving. "We're coming!" Yolanda lightly taunts. "That's awe-some, good for yo-ou," Lori playfully mutters in the car. Ray notes to Yolanda once they're on the way that this was his "workout for the day." These two teams are both heading for Segesta, in theory, but quickly, Ray and Yolanda admit that they don't know where they're going.

At Segesta, Eric and Jeremy are on their way to the mat, while Tyler is up in the amphitheater working on his statue. When he's finished, he has his work checked, and the guy gives him his clue. Of course, Tyler hugs the local without ascertaining whether the local wants to be hugged. I really hate that. I realize it's meant well, but there are a lot of places where randomly throwing your arms around strangers -- particularly when you smell as bad as these people do -- is not considered great manners. At any rate, the clue tells them to walk to the pit stop, which is at a temple Phil explains is about a mile away. And the last team to check in may be eliminated.

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