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Finally, Dani finds the Amazing Tag, and they can leave. They note on the clue for Segesta that the Yield is coming. "It could be worse," they say in the car. "We could be in Russia." Heh.

Ray and Yolanda? Lost. Getting directions from construction guys.

Fran and Barry walk up toward the Roadblock, where Monica is still working. Fran and Barry do not Yield, but take the clue. "Who's good at piecing things together?" Barry asks. "We know who that is!" Yeah, she was a big help with the motorcycle engine. I'm envisioning her all, "What's an arm?" Fran starts in on the statue. Monica has finished hers, but she's worried about the two pieces she has left over. Finally, she just calls over the archeologist, who tells her that the statue is done. When Joseph sees her get the clue, he bounds over the edge of the wall he's up against, which is kind of charming, because he's so surprised to see that Monica's already done. They get the pit stop clue.

Fran finishes the statue, surprisingly enough, and she and Barry leave for the pit stop as well.

Dave and Lori, for whatever reason, have lost enough time on the way to the amphitheater that Lake and Michelle have caught up with them. When the teams start up the path to the theater, Michelle notes that they want to get to the Yield before Dave and Lori. Which is a good point. Dave and Lori find the uphill hike pretty challenging, and she has to stop for breath. As it turns out, Lake and Michelle took the wrong way up to begin with, so they've lost a little time on Dave and Lori.

Joseph and Monica hit the pit stop. Welcome, you are Team #3. I like the way they're racing right now -- steady, not too frantic, pretty consistent. In a season not involving the Choad Family, they'd be strong contenders.

Lake and Michelle come up and find Phil standing at the pit stop, so they've taken another wrong turn. They know enough to know that this is clearly not what they're supposed to do. As they go back down, they run into Fran and Barry, and they ask where the theater is. "Can't tell you," Barry says. And of course, there's nothing wrong with not telling, because you're not obligated to help, but the tone is totally unnecessary, as is Fran's bitchface, as is the fact that they don't even look at Lake and Michelle. You're on the way to the pit stop, you know? You don't need to be an asshole. What's wrong with, "Can't tell you, but hey, good luck"? Or with giving them the slightly sheepish shrug? It's just...I think Fran has convinced herself that Lake did something bad to them back at the motorcycle shop, and she has yet to recover. It's so stupid, because if you think somebody else is going to do the entire task for you, you're responsible when that doesn't turn out quite the way you're hoping.

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