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Welcome, Fran and Barry. You are Team #4, and you are the least sympathetic old people ever.

Ray and Yolanda? Oh, they're lost.

Danielle and Dani park and start up the hill to the Teatro, where it seems like Lake and Michelle are just now getting pointed in the right direction. Dave and Lori, meanwhile, look very out of breath on the way there. "This is stupid, Lori," Dave pants. "Please stop saying that," she comes back. Finally, they get to the Yield mat and choose not to Yield anyone. Lori has a theory that what goes around comes around. Which, of course, it could, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't use the Yield if I thought I needed to. Lori takes the Roadblock and gets to work on assembling the statue.

When Lake and Michelle get to the Yield mat, they aren't so concerned about what goes around coming around, so they Yield Danielle and Dani. "I'm so sorry, girls," Michelle says. And I think she is, mostly. I think she'd rather not have that in the game, probably, but when it's sitting there, what do you do, you know? Fairly soon, Danielle and Dani get to the Yield mat and are absolutely stunned to learn that Lake and Michelle have Yielded them. "That's pathetic," Dani says. Which...not really. As I've said before, I don't like the Yield, but if it's in the rules, it's not "pathetic" to use it.

Lake and Michelle decide that he has to do this Roadblock also. Which makes four in a row for him. Racers have discussed in the Insider videos, although the show has not mentioned it, that they still have to roughly split Roadblocks between the team members, meaning nobody can do more than six. Knowing that, Michelle can't so much as put a puzzle together? It's like she has absolutely no confidence in her ability to do anything; she just freezes in horror at the thought that she'll screw up and they'll lose. There's no long-term plan here at all. Maybe he plans on buying a blonde wig.

Back at the Yield mat, Danielle and Dani complain about being Yielded. They discuss how Lake and Michelle must feel threatened, and so forth.

Dave calls out to Lori that Danielle and Dani have just been Yielded, and he cheers Lori on. They're still in the honeymoon stage of this particular Roadblock. She fairly quickly finishes assembling the statue, but she can't get past the fact that she has extra pieces. She interprets the clue, however it's written, to mean that you have to use all the pieces.

Ray and Yolanda park at the bottom of the walk to the Yield, and they're aware that there are way too many cars there, so they are not in a good position at all.

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