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Up at the Yield mat, Danielle and Dani complain about being chosen for Yielding when Lake and Michelle knew there was another team behind Dani and Danielle. It's kind of true, but not. From the drawing of numbers, Lake and Michelle would have known there was another team back there, but they wouldn't have necessarily been certain who it was. There's no reason they'd know for certain that it was Ray and Yolanda, and if you Yield the wrong team, you waste your Yield. It seems to me that this was the only thing Lake and Michelle could do. Dani decides to bitch that Lake and Michelle did this because they're "hicks from the south." It's so sad when people fall into that shit, because they've been pretty appealing throughout, so why would they want to turn into this, you know? Besides, not all hicks from the south would Yield you. Some of them would just spit tobacco juice at you and run you over with a stock car. Just kidding!

Lori continues to struggle with the two pieces that she can't place. Dave thinks one of them looks like it would logically come from the thigh. ["Me: 'Some geek she turned out to be.' Glark: 'Geeks like rules.'" -- Wing Chun] Lake and Michelle get finished, though, because Lake didn't worry about the extra pieces. After they're gone, the sand runs out in the Yield hourglass, so Dani and Danielle can leave. They get started on the Roadblock while Lori is still working and Ray and Yolanda aren't there yet.

Lori is still miserable. "It doesn't fit anything," she says. "That's gotta be part of the thigh," Dave opines again. "I know, but it doesn't fit!" she hollers. That is some Killer Fatigue, people, seriously. We're just getting to the part where you start to see it, and there it is.

Commercials. I kind of want a Pontiac all of a sudden; how about you?

Lori is in Roadblock hell. She's at that point where you can feel yourself coming apart, but you don't know what else to do. There's a moment when she's squatting down, and she puts her arms out and drops her head between them, and boy, have I been there. It usually involves my computer, actually, but it's the same thing. She can't figure it out, and she can't stand to think about it for another second, but she knows she has to. It sucks so bad. Finally, she puts it together again, and they agree that it does look right, so they ask the archeologist, who gives her the clue. She's extremely frustrated that she put it together three times the same way before she thought to ask whether she had it right. Unhappy but unbeaten, they head off down the hill toward the pit stop. Aw.

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