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Lake makes his Random Blowhard Remark of the Week comment when he unnecessarily snots, "We've got fat Dave behind us, and the girls." Lovely. "Don't be ugly," Michelle scolds. "Well, I mean, he's bigger than me," Lake says, defending the factual assertion rather than noticing that she's asking him not to be ugly in the way he talks, rather than it really being her point to argue that Dave isn't fat. They run into Ray and Yolanda, who are on the way up, and Lake yells encouragement. Michelle promises them that they can still maybe make it if they hurry. Lake and Michelle run to the mat, him carrying her. ["'Subtext: 'Let's see fat Dave do that!'" -- Wing Chun] On the mat, Lake puts Michelle down, and then he drops to his knees. "Rise, my friend," says dryly hilarious Phil, who never gets nearly enough lines like that. Welcome, you are Team #5. They're pleased.

Ray and Yolanda assign the Roadblock to him. So now, he's working on the statue, and he explains that he's using Yolanda's legs for inspiration while working on the thighs. Heh. Dani gets her statue checked, but it's not right. It's something about the thigh, and I think she maybe has a couple of pieces turned around wrong. It looks like they're just not arranged neatly enough, but I don't think that's what it is -- I think they're actually not aligned right.

Dave and Lori trade "I love you"s on the way up to the pit stop. But they're quiet ones, you know? Kind of muttered. And I'll never get mad at people for that, because it's a hell of a lot better to say it too often than not at all. Welcome, you are Team #6. Phil comments on the seriousness of the "workout program," probably because Dave's so sweaty. Dave is so tired and so frustrated that he gets a little broken up explaining that they got really short with each other, and that he doesn't like it when it gets like that. "We're okay," says Lori. They hug. "We'll work it out," she tells him. "We're still in it."

Ray and Dani are close to done. Ray starts to tease: "Come on, Danielle...'cause I'm comin' like Christmas." And he is, too. Even sooner than that. Dani asks again whether her statue is right, and it still has the same problem. Ray, however, asks and finds out that his statue is done, so he and Yolanda can go. They run for it. Finally, Dani arranges the pieces in the leg so that they're right, and finally, she gets the clue.

It seems like a foregone conclusion, given that, in all likelihood, Danielle and Dani are not going to catch Ray and Yolanda in a footrace. But of course, for the sake of suspense, Ray and Yolanda are stopped, looking at a map. It's easy to feel like that's stupid, but you remember how Lake and Michelle kept running the wrong way as well. I think it's kind of a complex of buildings, and I'm not sure it's as obvious as it looks which one is the one you want.

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