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Pit stop. Phil. Greeter. Typical shots of suspense, including a nice one of the shadows of whomever is stepping onto the mat. Aaand...Ray and Yolanda, you are Team #7, and you are not eliminated, and you are quickly dispensed with. And then, here come Danielle and Dani. You're the last team; you're eliminated. Dani says that they tried their best and feel good about how they did. Danielle talks about how proud she is of the things she did that she'd never have thought she'd do. "I would say," Phil says, not really interested in those sentiments, apparently, "that you guys have the most successful connections with the opposite sex ever on The Amazing Race. That was a pretty quick hookup with Eric and Jeremy." Dani looks over at Danielle. "We had fun with Eric and Jeremy," Danielle says halfheartedly. "We're going to stay friends forever," Dani adds. I so wish we hadn't had to go there, to the "wink wink, you girls sure did give it up easy" place. Because talking about successful "connections" is one thing, but when you go after the speed of the "hookup" to a pair of women, it unavoidably comes off like you're calling them sluts, and considering that the guys were referred to with the word "casanovas," it's especially gross to see it turned into something kind of sneering and icky. For one thing, as has been pointed out by me and others, we've seen nothing more intense than hand-holding between these people, except for the fact that we haven't even seen hand-holding. We've seen, like, (1) walking around; and (2) a lot of talk, all of it from the guys. This entire scarlet-letter routine is just a little unnecessarily precious, it seems to me.

On a voice-over about how much they learned, Dani and Danielle are dismissed.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: stress! Monica fighting! Barry's bare shoulders! Hyperbole!

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