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Eric and Jeremy are still trying to get on the allegedly full 6:30 AM flight. BJ and Tyler are boarding. Will Eric and Jeremy get on? Oh, yes. They will. So it turns out that the members of the Choad Family are all on the same flight to Rome, which is nice, because they can all bond. Choads of a feather and so forth.

Dave and Lori arrive at the airport and ask about Palermo. They are set up with the 9:30-1:25 route Fran and Barry are on.

6:48 AM. Ray and Yolanda. Ray tells us that he can "see what Yolanda's made of." If you haven't been paying attention, the answer is "muscles." He is talking, however, at least in part about her perseverance and her "own way of thinking." Gee, it's like he thinks that's a good quality, Lake.

"Paller-mo, Italy!" Monica is calling out as they run into the airport. When they get up to the counter, however, Joseph asks for tickets to "Palomino." So while her pronunciation may not be ideal, he is doing even worse, since her chosen destination is a mangled city, while his is a horse. The ticket guy looks at them with puzzlement, accentuated by the tubas on the soundtrack, which share his conviction that Americans are stupid. Monica corrects Joseph -- it's Paller-mo, silly! The ticket guy still kind of hates them, but at least now he knows what they're talking about. He sets them up on the 9:30-1:25 deal.

7:28 AM. Danielle and Dani. They correctly interview that they're "hanging on to this race by a [streaked] hair," but they also insist that they won't give up. They're hoping that "slow and steady" will do it for them. They should hope so, because otherwise, I don't know how many options they have. I'm not sure they're going to come up with bursts of speed.

The 9:30 flight to Rome leaves with Lake and Michelle, Fran and Barry, Dave and Lori, and Monica and Joseph on board. Lake frets over being stuck with everybody else, unaware that, very soon, he will wish he was stuck with these very same people.

Ray and Yolanda get to the airport and get a flight that will get them to Palermo at 2:00. Not bad. Danielle and Dani are right behind them, and they get the same thing. There is a certain resigned, "Sucks, huh?" kind of vibe between these two teams when they greet each other, as if they're well aware that, in all likelihood, they're going to have to fight it out to stay out of last place.

In Rome, Eric and Jeremy look at their tickets for the first time (good one!) and notice that they're getting into Palermo after BJ and Tyler, because they didn't get the same connecting flight. They'll still be ahead of the rest of the teams, but not with BJ and Tyler. The members of the Choad Family take off for Palermo in two shifts.

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