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Italians Dressing

And then we are in Palermo, with Italian flag flying. BJ and Tyler get a taxi to the Teatro Massimo.

Now, we are in Rome with the middle group, where they'll all be connecting to Palermo. Lake and Michelle figure out for the first time, however, that they aren't on the same connecting flight as everyone else. Lake tries to get on the earlier connection, but it turns out to be full. Once the other flight to Palermo leaves, he sits and curses himself over the lost opportunity and the fact that they're going to be on this flight all alone. "There's not one of those sumbitches on this flight, dang-it," he says, making colorful use of his patented fauxfanity.

Commercials. Nope, still not going to see King Kong.

When we return, Michelle is comforting Lake at the airport gate by telling him that somebody else will make a mistake, but that they won't. "'Cause I have you as a partner, and you don't mess up," she says, trying to be comforting. I'm not sure he's amenable to being comforted. Lake and Michelle are then joined by Ray and Yolanda and Danielle and Dani, who apparently got a later flight to Rome but the same connection to Palermo. This trailing pack takes off.

Palermo. BJ and Tyler begin their Italian Stereotype Theater with "How we gonna get-a this-a clue box?" Then they open the box, take out the clue, and are all, "Aaaaay, andiamo!" The clue tells them to drive to Castellammare Del Golfo, where they'll find a clue. (I think that's "Golf Castle" in Italian, by the way. It's a bitch trying to get the ball through the clown's mouth.) There will be a fortress with a terrace, which will have the box with the clue.

Eric and Jeremy. In a taxi. In Palermo. "This is more like our flavor. Nice warm weather, and Italian women." Does anyone use "flavor" that way anymore? Isn't that pretty much just Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait? Do they need some goggles with that?

Now, the flight arrives in Palermo with the middle teams -- MoJo, Fran and Barry, Dave and Lori. And then, the flight with the teams bringing up the rear -- Ray and Yolanda, Lake and Michelle, and Danielle and Dani. Everybody in cabs.

As Eric and Jeremy prepare to drive to Castellammare Del Golfo, Jeremy fixes his hair. Eric tells him it looks fine. And with that, they are officially women. Well, they are not actual women so much as they are their own vision of women. It's like the universe is collapsing on itself.

BJ and Tyler find the terrace and the clue box, which sends them on this week's Detour. As Phil strolls in a charming neighborhood, he explains that the choices here are Foundry and Laundry. Foundry involves hauling a 110-pound bell around, into a little golf-cart/truck thing and then up some stairs. Laundry is a needle-in-a-haystack task in which you look for a special tag on one of sixteen marked items out of 2400 pieces of laundry. Excuse me, 2400 pieces? Making your starting odds 1 in 150? Is it riveting to watch teams look through 150 pieces of laundry? The prominence of needle-in-haystack tasks this season really seems unprecedented to me. It's really boring to watch, especially since, as I've pointed out before, they really never show you how long it's taking any particular team. If I wanted to watch a search among random items for little benefit, I'd watch myself trying to get some real change out of what suddenly seems to be a purse full of Canadian quarters. Anyway, once you find your marked piece of laundry, you have to bring it to a woman Phil calls a "laundry lady." Am I just being obtuse, or...what's a laundry lady? Is she just sitting there in a black dress, so she's the laundry lady? Because there's laundry? Nearby? And she's a lady? Because I wouldn't mind introducing myself as the TiVo Lady. Or the Diet Coke With Lime Lady.

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