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Eric and Jeremy get the Detour clue and choose Laundry. Which...who is Foundry for, if not for them? They say it sounds "easier," but if it's not faster for them to do the bell, why would it be there for anyone, you know? Maybe they know they just have gym strength, not man strength. ["I only have gym strength (and not much of it) and I still would have done Foundry. Even if you stop every three steps to rest, it probably will still be faster than looking through 2400 pieces of clothing." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, they go. They start hunting through clothes. As Eric holds up a black shirt, he says, "This is one of Phil's turtlenecks." Heh. Yeah, I'll give them that one. Although if it had been an ugly sweater, it would have been even better.

It turns out that MoJo had their taxi lead them to the terrace, so they're getting there now and opening the Detour clue. They choose the church bell.

Meanwhile, Eric and Jeremy think they have another of Phil's shirts. I can see why they get long with BJ and Tyler, really, in terms of the repetition without interruption of exactly the same joke. They finally do find the special shirt -- not Phil's, but the one with the tag -- and get their clue. As they run off, they contemplate whether BJ and Tyler would Yield them. Them? Only if BJ and Tyler are stupid. Or, a different kind of stupid.

BJ and Tyler find the hike to the theater, and they start walking. Phil explains about the Yield, and about how you can only do it once, yada yada. BJ and Tyler step on the Yield mat and do a big, exaggerated, "We...choose...NOT TO YIELD!" You know, I once ran away from guys like this at parties, because they were boring. Now, I run away from them because if I don't, I'll ultimately beat them with a shoe and go to jail. They open the clue, which asks who's good at "piecing things together." Phil explains that, in this Roadblock, the Roadblocker will put together a replica of a Greek statue from pieces. They aren't told that there are two extra pieces that don't go into the statue. Meh. I'm not crazy about that as a "twist." I don't see that as challenging people to "think outside the box" or whatever; that's just hoping people misunderstand the directions. If I tell you "use these six pieces to make a perfect square," some of you will think that means you have to use all the pieces and some of you won't, and that doesn't make either group of you any smarter. They could just as easily have made the task such that you did have to use all the pieces, and people might be fooled into thinking the statue was complete when not all pieces had been used. It's just random, to me, whether you interpret it one way or the other. We're not given the exact wording of the clue, but the fact that you can write instructions badly enough that they can't be clearly understood doesn't necessarily prove a whole lot. Anyway, Tyler goes to build the statue.

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