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Elsewhere, the members of MoJo make their way to the location of the big heavy bell. Monica has a little trouble keeping up with Joseph, but they effectively carry the bell down the hill to the little vehicle in which they will drive it to the set of stairs. Fran and Barry come by, not having even read the Detour clue yet, as Joseph is loading the bell into the vehicle, and Barry notes how absurdly heavy it looks like it is. Meanwhile, MoJo gets some help getting on the way with the bell. They find the drop-off point, and Joseph hoists the entire bell onto his back. Monica protests in a way that sounds reasonably sincere, but Joseph wants to just go, so he heads up the stairs with the 110-pound bell.

Fran and Barry park. They talk about how there apparently isn't a clue box here anywhere. Once again, the camera guy manages a shot where we actually watch them walk right by the clue box on the terrace. You'll recall that the clue reportedly told them to look on the terrace, so I'm not sure what their damage is. At least this time, while they're walking right by it, they're not so close that they almost have to walk around it to keep from tripping over it like they were the last time this happened. It's merely embarrassing, and not mind-boggling.

Monica calls Joseph "Hercules" as they approach the priest who will accept the bell and give them their clue. Well, she can probably afford to give him that. They get the clue and head for Segesta. "I knew I would love Italy," she says happily when they are back in their car. I don't see how she can be really enjoying it -- she's not even mocking the local accent! She should be having more of a wacky good time by doing performance art for unwilling locals!

Fran and Barry run right by the clue box for the second time. Then, at last, they spot it, turn back, and come to it. I wonder if she's going to claim again this time that it wasn't there when they looked before. They read the clue and conclude that the bell will be too heavy, so they make the unusual (for them) step of choosing the more sensible Detour and head for the laundry. When they find the laundry all hanging, Fran comments on how it's "like the old days." "I wonder if these young teams know what a clothespin is," Barry snots. Yes, you predate washing machines and the cotton gin and other fancy doodads, and bully for you. ["Also, 'a clothespin'? An item that's still in use today, on a line in my basement, as I type this? It's not like the clothes were tied to the lines with sanitary-pad belts or buttonhooks or something." -- Wing Chun]

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