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The Phuket List

Mark and Michael are the last to leave, at 11:11. As they scamper to one of the waiting cabs, Michael admits that they're starting at the end of the pack, like that's new. "We're last but we're not last by much," Mark insists. "We just gotta keep on with it and go forward with little or no errors," he says. Tall order. Mark lectures that Phuket is a well-known diving city. "We're swimmers naturally, so it's not going to be a big deal." Assuming any of the tasks have anything at all to do with that. But then, according to Mark, they are awesome at everything, so it shouldn't matter one way or another.

In the back of their cab, Kisha is counting out a little cash. Which is when we see that children are crowding the car, sticking their hands in the cracked-open window. The money is snatched away while Jen says, "That's why you shouldn't do that." But Kisha meant to do that, as she interviews that as a middle school activities coordinator who works with kids all the time, it was extra-hard for her to see the starving kids in India. "Just really makes you appreciate what you have," she adds in the cab. Yes, it's a cliché, but she put her money where her mouth is.

Margie and Luke hit the travel agency next, followed by the Stuntmen, who have passed Kisha and Jen in transit. Probably by not stopping to hand out money. Each team is working with its own agent, but as Mel says, "We're pretty positive everybody has the same flight, because the travel agents are passing around the information." Everyone assumes that Cara and Jaime went to the airport. Which they have, and they get booked on the same flight. Well, that was easy. Do planes just not fill up this season?

Everyone boards the plane together that evening. As he makes his way down the aisle, Mark says, "Lices and germs, welcome to my airline." Does he even know what he's talking about half the time? As for the fact that everyone's on the same flight again, "It makes it kind of fun," Margie remarks to Luke. "Big race." The plane lifts off. With a dogleg south at Bangkok, the Amazing Red Line streaks over to Phuket. "14 hours later," reads the chyron as it touches down the next morning. Phuket b-roll is heavy on boats and temples, and then we're on the ground at the airport. Mark and Michael get in their taxi first. Team Go Team takes off in second place, wedging their backpacks into their laps in the back seat rather than wasting time putting them in the trunk. "We are driving to find this monkey statue," Cara reminds us, holding up the photo. You suppose they could have asked anyone on the plane about that? Margie and Luke are in third, with Kisha and Jen in fourth while Tammy and Victor are still trying to find a cab. Soon, after finding a driver and telling him they're in a hurry, they're screaming around a curve on the way out of the airport. "Safe but fast," Victor corrects. Mel and Mike, meanwhile, are wandering around looking for a cab. Not a good start. But it's going to get worse.

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