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"Go!" yells the swimming coach, and Tammy jumps into the pool feet-first to begin her first lap. Speedo: "Oh, for fuck's sake."

Kisha and Jen make another jump and barely make it to the edge of the pool alive before seeing they got a 2 and a 3, which is pretty generous if you ask me. "We're not gonna get this," Jen says. Over at the lap pool, Victor tries to offer encouragement to both Tammy and himself. Jen is still in tears as Kisha asks what she wants to do. Tammy finishes her first lap (2:31.30). And now Jen is sitting on the floor in he hallway outside the pool area, with her back against the wall, as Kisha crouches in front of her asking what she wants to do. "I want to go home," Jen sobs. Kisha says they've come this far, but Jen isn't hearing it. "Jesus, help her," Kisha murmurs. Obviously, Jesus is not going to appear, or else that probably would have been spoiled in the preview.

Jen is still in meltdown mode after the commercials. Out in the pool, Tammy has finished her third pool length and pauses at the far end to ask Victor if the sisters are still there. Victor says they are. "We should have just done this the first time," Victor says. He's getting better at admitting his mistakes, but he still needs to get faster at it.

Kisha encourages Jen to pull herself together and get to the swim task. "I want to finish strong, come on...even if it takes forever." Jen would prefer to finish crying, thank you very much.

Tammy and Victor finish up in 10:29.30, a spectacular demonstration of what a thousand dollars worth of swimsuit can do for people who don't swim. While leaving, they go through the same hallway where Kisha and Jen are still sitting, Tammy loudly calling back to Victor behind her, "I've got the clue." Kisha again tells Jen to "finish strong," and helps her to her feet. Or possibly drags her to her feet.

Jaime and Cara are still hopeful about making it to the Pit Stop, "If this guy knows where he's going," Jaime can't help adding. She's practically in tears herself as she mumbles that she wants to be first. "Be calm," Cara tells her. Oh, Cara. If Jaime did calm, she wouldn't be Jaime.

Margie and Luke are still congratulating themselves on how well they did in the swim. "Jen and Kisha, bye-bye. They're tough on land but in the water, they're nothin'," Margie says, which, I'd like to think she wouldn't be so mean if she knew how much trouble they're having. In fact, the sisters are still getting back into their LZR suits, which are now the official swimsuit of crying.

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