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Margie and Luke are leaving at 1:50, in third place. And what is their attitude about what happened last week? "I'm done, I'm not going to talk to them," Luke says through Margie in an interview. They get in a cab to the airport as Luke continues that he's going to focus on the game and getting to the final three. "Kick their ass," he finishes. Well, good thing he won't have any focus problems.

Tammy and Victor already have their tickets, and take off from the travel agency to get a taxi. "Please drive fast, we're in a race, they tell the driver. They forgot the part where they're racing against foreigners.

Cara gives out a little whoop as she rips her and Jaime's clue at 2:12 PM. That's not terribly far behind, when you consider that Mark and Michael left literally hours behind everyone else. They learn that they have $40 for this leg. As they load their backpacks into the trunk of a taxi, Jaime interviews about their frustration at not having won a single leg yet. Yes, I've noticed that about them. In fact, they're the only team left who hasn't. That does not bode well for them winning the Race, or indeed surviving the next Philimination.

Kisha and Jen's cab is stuck in traffic when Margie and Luke arrive at the airport. They get to a ticket counter and are in the midst of booking themselves passage on that same 5:10 flight when Margie spots Kisha and Jen just arriving outside. The sisters get in line behind Margie and Luke, and the music wants us to think there's about to be a conflagration, but there's just a lot of studious mutual ignoring going on. While Margie is getting ready to pay, Jen tries to get the agent next to theirs to acknowledge her by asking, "Are you available?" twice and "Can you help us?" three times. When this gets them nowhere, she and Kisha start laughing about the "dumb look" they get, which Jen says is "patented in China." Kisha is offended that the locals can't even be trained to say, "Me no speak English." Uh, is it not already apparent? Margie joins in, comparing them to zombies. Sure, now she thinks it's okay to laugh about a language barrier. Just then, an agent says that their credit cards are no good there, so they'll have to go to a different counter. Of course Kisha and Jen overhear this, as well as the directions sending them to a different counter, so they head over to the counter in question while Margie and Luke are still packing up. "They're not sticking with the order that we came in?" Margie says passive-aggressively when she sees that they've lost their spot in line, as though that's how this Race usually works. Maybe if she showed Kisha and Jen the section of the Amazing Rule Book that specifies when and how another team can pass you, and how transferring to a different line is not one of those times. "Not cool at all," she adds as they wait behind the sisters, and Jen cackles. We see more of the interview in which Luke says he wants them out, which of course occurred before this even happened.

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