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So with Team Go Team in a taxi, it becomes a four-way cab race to the next clue. The cheerleaders spot the sisters up ahead, and get their driver to pass them. He also passes Margie and Luke's cab, their hazard lights on the whole way for some reason. Margie wonders aloud why the cab has its flashers on, but I was just assuming that it was the driver's way of warning the world, "Caution: Jaime on board." A shot of the speedometer tells us he's going 120 KPH, or about 75 MPH. If that doesn't make Jaime happy, I don't know what will. Margie and Luke laugh ruefully about their recurrent bad taxi luck, although Margie's the only one laughing. Luke is just rueful.

B-roll of downtown Beijing, including the Bird's Nest and any number of other brightly illuminated landmarks that just scream, "Earth Hour can't come soon enough." In their taxi, Tammy is telling us about her dislike of feet, and how she hopes she doesn't have to give someone a massage. Victor taunts her by turning his hand into a puppet of a foot and saying, "Tammy! We're waiting for you!" in a high voice. Which, I'm sorry, is hilarious.

Jen and Kisha are now behind Margie and Luke, and they get worried when Margie|Luke's driver exits the freeway and theirs doesn't. They can only hope they're the ones going the right way.

Team Family Law's driver isn't sure about where the place is, but again, at least they can understand him saying that. She asks him to turn around, and so it's Cara and Jaime who reach the spa's Vegas-lit marquee first. They enter through a swanky lobby and find the clue box tucked inside a narrow hallway. The Road Block question is, "Who's feeling manipulative?" "Me," Cara says. Phil narrates, once again using his quiet "spa voice," that "after racing around the world for ten grueling legs, one person must take part in a traditional Chinese curative to heal the weary body: a foot massage." First they have to drink a cup of medicinal tea, then submit to a ten-minute massage. Only, as Phil says, this massage "walks a fine line between pleasure and pain." This over footage (hee) of a knuckle being gouged into a foot's sole while someone (Cara, I assume) screams in pain. So apparently it only walks that line in the one step it takes to cross it perpendicularly, and then it keeps going. After ten minutes of this, it's another cup of tea and then their next clue. They can cry "uncle" at any time, but then they'll have to start over. So it's probably not worth it to cry uncle, unless you're really enjoying it and you want another ten minutes.

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