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As Cara goes into the massage room while Jaime waits outside, they agree that Cara hates massages. She doesn't like the tea much, that's for sure. Outside, Jaime complains, "I bungee jump 800 feet, and she gets a foot massage. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a foot massage." Okay, that bungee jump was like two and a half months ago, and it was before anybody could even tell which of you was which, so it doesn't count. Cara settles back on the couch, warning the masseuse, "I'm super ticklish." That's going to be the least of her worries.

Margie and Luke's driver has to stop for directions, but Kisha and Jen are still en route and hoping for the best. And when they stop to ask a hotel doorman where they're going, he doesn't have to say a word; he just gestures across the street to their destination. Easiest part of his day, I'd guess. Plus now we know which of the two cabs went the right way. As they enter the spa and find the clue box, Jen volunteers to take it, but Kisha wants to, so Jen lets her. "I don't want people touching my feet anyway," Jen says. Kisha likes the tea even less than Cara does, but she chokes it down while the cheerleader is still having her feet dried after a quick rinse. Cara laughs when the smiling masseuse gets to work, but it quickly turns into an owie-laugh, if you know what I mean. Like when you slip on the ice, and you know it just looked hilarious, but you suspect that pain in your shoulder is still going to be lingering well into spring? That kind of laugh. Not that I'd know. "It sounds painful," Jen observes from outside. Next to her, Kisha is noticing that Cara is writhing around on the couch. "If you say uncle, I'm going to hurt you," Jaime calls inside. Shouldn't she say, "hurt you more"? Kisha informs her sister in surprise, "Jen, it hurts!" which is funny because the only way she knows this right now is by watching Cara squirm like a suspect on 24."I love it," Jen says. Tell me she doesn't have a mean streak. Kisha is starting look nervous at Cara's performance, which even includes blurred curse-words, for which she immediately apologizes. "Sorry," Cara adds. The masseuse is just smiling through the whole thing, as will all of them, as though they're all auditioning for the part of the chest-waxing lady in a remake of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. When Kisha's massage starts, she bites down on a piece of her jacket or something and asks if they're the only two teams there. From the hallway, Jaime confirms it.

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