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Tammy and Victor arrive in third place, and Victor decrees that Tammy will do this one. As she's getting set up, she can't miss what's going on across the room. "I feel like having a baby's gotta be easier than this," Cara laughs through the tears. Jaime covers her ears, because we know how much she hates noise. Tammy deals with the pain like a Lamaze student, while Cara's all but rolling around and commenting on how "Zen" Tammy is. "And here I was, scared of massaging other people's feet. I'd rather do that now," Tammy laughs. Jaime is unsympathetically ordering Cara not to say uncle, until Cara actually tells her to shut up. Most people don't wait until they're in excruciating pain before wanting to say that to Jaime.

Luke and Margie reach the clue box in fourth place, and Luke insists that he wants to take this one. "It's gonna hurt," Victor warns Margie as Luke takes his place in the chair next to Tammy's. Margie tells Luke that he can "time out" if he needs to, but then he'll have to start over. "So don't time out, okay?" Nice of her to tell him about his options. He and Tammy make "be strong" gestures to each other.

By now, Cara gets finished, with the "ding!" of a bell on the soundtrack. She wipes her eyes, drinks her second cup of tea, and gets her next clue. "Have fun walking, 'cause it doesn't feel good," she tells the others as she leaves.

They're going someplace that's even more of a mouthful now, as a close-up of the clue shows a large block of transliterated Chinese with English words like "Natatorium" and "Sports Technology School" tucked in there. Phil helps out by saying they need to find their next clue at Guangcai Natatorium. Off they go.

The bell signals the end of Kisha's massage. "My feet hurt," she says as they head for the exit. "No one has died from this foot massage," Victor assures Margie as they wait for their partners outside. Tammy and Luke are clasping hands to get through it. Let's hope the signs for "please let go now" only require one hand.

The two lead teams are now outside, making their way along a taxi stand and looking for a driver who knows where they're going. Tammy and Victor get their next clue, and a nasty bruise on Tammy's right knee is visible as she laces up her shoes. Wonder if that's from the spill she took in Jaipur, or if the foot massage was so intense its effects rippled halfway up her leg.

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