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The search for a cab continues outside, while inside, Luke continues to suffer through his massage, both saying and signing, "Ow," while chewing on the bill of his cap. Margie asks if he's going to stop, and he says no. She says, "It's hard to see him in pain, but I really wanted to do this one and he jumped in there, so..." So, now it's funny, because she appears to be laughing. She signs for him to breathe.

The frustration is getting to Jaime, as frustration always does, because it lives in her backpack. "You look like you're frickin'...[bleep/blur]," she says to one of the drivers. And Jen and Kisha realize they're about to approach a cabbie they've already talked to. "They all look alike!" Jen says. Oh, my God, the last thing you want to say in China, if only because of the cliché value. Tammy and Victor join the search, and offer to "find it together, or you guys got it?" "No one knows it," Cara says. As Luke finishes his massage in last place, Kisha and Jen finally find a driver who nods that he knows where it is, so now they're in first place. "Nothing amazing about that massage," Kisha says. "That was crazy."

Jaime is talking to a cab driver, when Tammy comes along and repeats the question in Mandarin. And then she tries to get in that cab, which Jaime quite rightly shuts her out of, although of course she's more rude about it than necessary. "Not going to happen, sister," she says as she hops in with Cara. Victor and Tammy get the next cab, and she asks their new driver, "Do you know Guang Cai Ti Yu Guan-Bei Men You Yong Guan?" Boy, thank God for those subtitles. Up ahead, Jaime is complaining about Team Family Law's constant "trickery." "It gets tiring, but we just keep fighting." Which apparently involves ignoring the fact that her partner is suddenly dying of consumption next to her. Victor's take is, "I was a little annoyed that Jaime and Cara stiff-armed us in the cab when we told them in Chinese where to go." Yeah, maybe be more careful with the language from now on. Just because you can use it doesn't mean you always should. "I don't want to get in a fight with Jaime, though," Tammy says. "She scares me." Victor agrees. As would anyone, up to and including Cara. Margie and Luke are just now getting a cab. And in the lead taxi, Jen is deciding she doesn't much like the sound of the word "natatorium," which she thinks has to do with swimming. Which is not something she's good at, so she's already nervous.

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