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Both all-female teams have arrived, but Jaime and Cara have gone to the wrong door (running past a clock that reads 21:34, for what that's worth), just as Team Family Law hoped, while Kisha and Jen are already inside. "I can't read this, I don't understand," says the guy Jaime shows their clue to. The sisters are also choosing Sync on the grounds of not being great swimmers. "I just think of drowning automatically, so I won't put myself in situations where I would drown," Jen interviews. She says she's nervous as they enter the locker room to change. Meanwhile, Jaime gives up on the local and they go running around the outside of the building.

Tammy and Victor watch a single diver demonstrating a feet-first jump, which they think will be easy. We'll see. Kisha and Jen, now changed into the provided black one-pieces, watch as the siblings climb up to the platform ("three meters is tall," Victor obviouses), and walk out to the springboard. Victor does a single bounce and a mighty leap while Tammy's still up there, and she yells, "Oh, shoot!" and follows him down. Too late, of course. And it's too bad Jen's too nervous to see the humor. Fortunately, I don't have that affliction. The idea, Victor, is to do the dive together, not race each other down. I know this show isn't called The Amazing Do It At The Same Time, but just try to adapt.

Team Go Team has finally found the right entrance, and Jaime says they'll do "Swim." "We have more control over it," she explains. As they walk to the locker room, Cara says, "We're going to try to beat Michael Phelps's time." Jaime snaps that they'd be in the Olympics if they could do that. "Okay, just try," Cara agrees reasonably. Fair enough.

Tammy and Victor get their scores: matching ones out of five. They watch another demo, and then give it another try, while down on the deck, Kisha reads to Jen from the clue that flotation devices are allowed in the other option. On the siblings' second attempt, a freeze-frame camera shutter effect signals the exact moment when Tammy's feet hit the water, and then when Victor's do a fraction of a second later. This time they got twos. They offer to let Kisha and Jen have a turn, but Jen's not ready. Victor wants to try again right away, but Tammy wants to see another demo first. "I have no idea what we're doing wrong," Tammy argues. Well, when we see Victor once again jumping off his board while Tammy's still standing on hers, I can tell. This time, even Jen thinks it's funny. Matching ones again, but I think that's only because the judges don't have zero cards.

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