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The Longest Philimination

Cow lips still taste terrible. Kimberly talks about how her stomach hurts, and Rob assures her that it's all "mental" and "upstairs." She calmly tells him that it's not helping her to have him coach her while she's trying to eat. He stops. Good job, kids! See, I think this is why their bickering doesn't bother me as much -- I think they're clearly trying to get better at not yelling at each other, and I do respect that effort. I prefer it to the whole "well, this is what works for us" approach that we see from other teams. In fact, Rob says in an interview that it's good to have this kind of training in when to push and when to lay off. "Sometimes you need to just let off and let them experience what they're going through." With this, we watch Kimberly hurl under the table, which is a very nice piece of editing. What Kimberly is going through, you see, is horking up her insides.

The BQs get themselves a taxi. The *wins are having a little more trouble, but the BQs are on their way. In the cab, Kandice tries to talk about how happy she was that they had the *wins to work with instead of the *lyns, but Dustin cuts her off and starts talking about how the *wins were lucky to be working with them. I think Dustin needs to recognize the difference between being confident and being arrogant, because she is not great at staying on the right side of that line. Finally, the *wins get into a cab, where they talk a little about how hard it was to be working against their friends. "Every step forward for us means that they're further behind," Erwin quite rightly points out.

Speaking of behind, Mary and Dave and the *lyns are close to their destination, so they're carrying the mattresses now. Unfortunately, Karlyn is losing patience with Mary and yelling at Dave to come and help her. I seriously hope that whatever is going to happen here happens before these teams start yelling at each other, because that would be sad.

The Fast Forward still sucks. Tyler is glad they're all in it together. Four cow-lip-eaters are better than two! The three guys all high-five each other as Kimberly tries not to throw up.

In the BQ cab, Dustin says that with two teams doing the FF, there are probably only four teams that can come in last, which is a little unnerving. Meanwhile, the *wins' driver is having trouble with the car, which is suffering from the malady of having no gas in it. (Props to this week's best EEFP line: "Madagascar? More like Outta-gas-car! Ha ha ha ha!" Sometimes, I do love the EEFPs.)

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