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The Longest Philimination

Dustin is in the cab. Godwin is getting his last stamp. He gets the clue and heads for the pit stop to be reunited with his co-*win. Dustin's driver has to stop for gas. Hmm. Certainly is a lot of gas-stopping going on. She literally says "Gosh darn it."

Dave and Mary arrive at the Longest Place Ever, and Mary takes the Roadblock. Lyn and Karlyn arrive, and Lyn takes it for the team.

The Fast Forwarding teams are on their way to the pit stop, and the Pointies' driver seems to be a little bit lost. Dustin, meanwhile, is just hoping that she isn't in last place. Godwin's driver also needs gas. He's blaming himself, but it certainly needs to be a Thing. Rob and Kimberly grab (almost literally) some locals to help them get to the cathedral. Dustin roots for her car to make it up the hill.

Tension! Drama! Who will arrive next? And it's...Dustin! She and Kandice hop onto the mat and learn that they are team number one. They shriek. They win a trip to Hawaii. Phil tells them that they'll get to go volcano-exploring, too. They hug Phil. The girls are really happy about beating the FF teams, and Phil seems pretty impressed, too. Although some of that has to do with the suck of the FF. Kandice interviews that they're "on a roll." And then, revoltingly, not only does she say that this gives a "stamp of validation," har har, but she accompanies it with a stamping motion on Dustin's knee. Gross.

Mary gets her first stamp. Lyn doesn't have any yet.

Welcome, Tyler and James, you are team number two.

Mary and Lyn are still looking. Mary gives Lyn a tip to where she found the one stamp, and she interviews that she loves her friends, and she's not going to "become a devil just for the money." I'm not sure competing would make you a devil, lady.

Welcome, Pointies, you are team number three. They are not pleased.

Another stamp for Mary.

And now...Godwin approaches the pit stop, finishing by jumping onto the mat and sliding on his belly. Hee hee. Phil looks at the greeter like, "Nice." And then Godwin stands up and asks, "Am I safe?" Heh. Welcome, *wins, you are team number four. I sort of love them, even though they are goofy and bad racers.

Lyn finds a stamp. At the pit stop, Dave talks about how he hopes he won't be sent home. Mary finds her third stamp. Back at the mat, Karlyn says that they stayed together as long as possible, but eventually, they all knew that somebody had to go. Mary gets her last stamp, so she can go to the pit stop. She gets a taxi and goes, waving to the kids. She tells us that seeing kids makes her feel at home, and she misses her kids a lot. Lyn keeps looking. Mary rides along in her cab. Lyn gets her second stamp.

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