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The Longest Philimination

Mary arrives at the pit stop, and she and Dave step on the mat. Phil reminds them that they're going to have to sit out a thirty-minute penalty before they can check in. Mary looks over at Karlyn before noting for the camera that "either we're out or they're out. And I really didn't want to be out."

Lyn finds another stamp. Mary says the *lyns are her best friends. Lyn finds the last stamp and heads for the pit stop. She urges the taxi to go fast. Mary and Dave wait, looking at the ground. Lyn doesn't understand why her driver is...stopping for gas! "If you didn't have gas, you should've told me," she snaps. Mary and Dave talk at the pit stop, and he tells her he's proud of her no matter what happens, and that she did great.

And here comes Lyn, so she and Karlyn step on the mat and are team number five. Dave and Mary walk up to the mat, and Phil explains that they still had 20 minutes left to wait, so they are Philiminated. Dave says that he wanted to win money for his kids, but he's changed anyway. He thinks his kids will be proud. He interviews that he's very proud of Mary for everything. Mary says that the race is the hardest thing ever, and that she really loves the *lyns. Lyn, for her part, says that she hates to see her friends leave. Lyn cries as she tells us that this has been Mary and Dave's first everything, pretty much, and she's really enjoyed their "spunk" and "spirit." She appreciates "the spirit of who they are." The teams share hugs.

Mary tells us that the race made her appreciate how much she loves the place where she's from. But it also made her think that she doesn't need to be stuck in one spot, and she can get out and do things, and she wants to take her kids to see things outside Kentucky. "I don't want my kids to be like me," she says. "I want them to be able to..." "To experience life," Dave finishes with a smile, and Mary agrees. "To experience life, because I never experienced life." Mary calls this not just a new chapter for her, but a "new book." Well done, Mary. You could have been really small-minded, and you're really not. You're just inexperienced, and the fact that you know you don't want that for your kids is wonderful. Don't worry about your kids being like you in any other respect, because in a lot of other respects, they'd be lucky. Yeah, you could ease up on Dave, but I've never bonded through the TV with coal miners and their wives before. I like 'em!

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: You are instructed to cry at videos of Lyn and Karlyn's kids. People get mired in the mud.

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