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The Longest Philimination

4:04 AM. The *wins leave, announce that teams get ten bucks for this leg, and say they're going to wait around for the *lyns and *ians. Meaning they have ten bucks, but they don't have ten bucks worth of sense.

4:05 AM. Here go the *lyns. They and the *wins begin to put it together that the BQs took off in someone else's car and left their crappy one behind. I'm sure that was a delightful discovery.

4:08 AM. Dave and Mary. As they're leaving and getting together with their alliance, Erwin interviews that they would happily give up first place in order to keep somebody in their group from being eliminated -- in other words, they'd take second so that Dave and Mary could be first and avoid the penalty, if they were all together. I don't think that comes as any particular shock, considering that they've demonstrated that they'll stand around doing nothing, waiting for their group to arrive. It's endearing, yet stupid, which is such a common combination of attributes, I find. The alliance leaves together. In an interview, Mary says that she and Dave have to be first, because thirty minutes could be the end of you at this point. Which is true, of course. In the car, she adds that she only knows Madagascar from the cartoon. She's excited about the trip, and hopefully, she's open to the possibility that it's even better when it's not a drawing.

As they drive, the *lyns decide they don't like the way the other teams in the group are going, so they go off on their own. The *wins interview somewhat condescendingly, with a little chuckle, that the *lyns are "independently minded." Lyn interviews that they're all friends no matter what happens in the race, so they all are racing hard for themselves. Holy cow! That's my theory exactly! That if you have actual friends, they won't stop being your friends if you don't help them advance in the game. You know who Lyn needs to talk to? Lex. ("Never." The answer to when I will be tired of picking on Lex about this point is "never.")

Dustin and Kandice get to the airport, still giggling over having taken the *lyns' car. Karlyn, meanwhile, is sitting in the back seat explaining how they indeed had to take a different car on account of the BQs, although they didn't wind up in the BQs' car. I can't really tell who wound up in which car, and I'm not 100 percent certain anyone took the BQs car. I saw someone in a green car, but I'm not sure it was actually the same one. It occurs to me that I don't much care. Anyway, the BQs get to a ticket counter and ask for tickets to Madagascar as quickly as possible. Soon after, the A(AM!)s and Pointies follow. Dustin and Kandice are getting word of an 11:00 AM direct flight. They are joined by the other two teams, who take the same tickets. There is no advantage for anyone, though, because the trailing three teams come in and get the same flight, so everybody is in one big tie. Mary and Dave are relieved to be caught up with everyone. On the flight, Dave is unhappy that Mary never lets him sit by the window. She is unimpressed. I definitely think there is a "never gets to sit by the window" quality to Dave's life that is probably not entirely limited to this situation.

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