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The teams fly from Mauritius to Madagascar. (AYL: "Woo! Practically have the day off!") And then we are in Antananarivo, Madagascar (hey, Word knows the word "Antananarivo"!), which looks to be a very pleasant and friendly location as well. This is a nice part of the world they're in. For once, it is the *wins/*lyns/*ians who are out of the airport first. Shocker! All three of them get into taxis, asking for the Black Angel. Mary says with great hope that she and Dave should be able to get to the angel first, provided their driver performs well. Elsewhere, Karlyn cracks herself up on the topic of the Black Angel: "Which is me, so I don't know why we're looking for it, 'cause I'm right here!" Hee hee. I have not liked her during the race, but I suspect she is a kick in the pants for limited periods of time if she's comfortable and in a good mood. I secretly suspect her to be a hoot to the small number of people she likes, and kind of hard for other people to like.

As the BQs get in their cab, Dustin talks about how she can tell that the *wins/*lyns/*ians alliance is "stepping it up." She says they're racing harder than usual and hustling a little more. It's a good thing to acknowledge when you suddenly find yourself trailing people you've been making fun of. She says that she and Kandice will "have to be on [their] 'A' game today." Meanwhile, James and Tyler are waiting for the Pointies. They hop into taxis. Tyler talks about how Dave and Mary manage to keep hanging in, but will need a lot of help to keep themselves in first place. I will say, this is the first time I can think of that that alliance has hustled its collective bustle and gotten out ahead. It's clearly annoying Tyler, in that same way that Weber State is a lot of fun to watch every year right up until about the Sweet Sixteen, at which point they're only fun if they're not playing your team and they're not up by eight points at the end of the first half. In any event, Tyler wants today to be Dave and Mary's "knockout punch."

Meanwhile, Rob and Kimberly continue their Humanity Tour, as she takes note of the fact that there's an incredible amount of exhaust in the air. She mentions that this is, of course, kind of bad for you, and Rob agrees. She asks how people can live in this kind of air. Rob says that "they die a lot younger than we do." Up until this point, there's a weird sensitivity that you could choose to read into this conversation, because he's arguably saying, "Yes, you're right, it's not safe, and not everybody is as fortunate in their big cities, environment-wise, as we are." Unfortunately, Rob now goes on to explain to Kimberly that the people of Madagascar don't get enough protein and have underdeveloped brains as a result. This comment got him in huge hot water with people who watched the show, and I don't disagree that it sounds horrible, and it's entirely possible that he's talking out of his ass. It is also possible, however, that he is not entirely talking out of his ass. It turns out that Madagascar is not only a very poor country, but a country with a very specific malnutrition problem. He may have said this because he's a jackass, but he also may have said it because he picked up a guidebook or something that talked about malnutrition, since Madagascar scored a rather jolting #149 out of #175 countries on the U.N.'s Human Development Index. In other words, I wouldn't assume that Rob said this just because he thinks poor people are stupid. He may actually have read something that made him think this was the case, although I doubt it was said quite as clumsily as he reported it.

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