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The Longest Philimination

So the BQs are in a pickle, because they have to wait for other teams to arrive, and they have to work with someone who doesn't like them, in all likelihood. Kimberly, already in a cab on the way to the FF, finds the idea of the BQs teaming up with perhaps the *lyns to be pretty funny. Nothing's going to happen for a while, though, because the alliance is still driving around aimlessly. The BQs wait around nervously, as Dustin notes that no one will want to work with her and Kandice. "They hate us," Kandice observes with a grin that's a little too gleeful.

Commercials. Not that it really came up during this particular commercial break, but there were so many political commercials such a short time ago. Remember that? Ha ha ha! Thank God they're gone. And yes, I mean that both ways.

When we return, there is a little recap of the fact that the BQs await the arrival of the big alliance at the brand-new Intersection. The big alliance? Well, they're...still lost, but hey! All of a sudden, one of their drivers figures it out, and they're on their way. Dave and Mary arrive at the Intersection first, but they're followed about two feet later by the *lyns. Of course, as soon as the new teams read about the Intersection, they agree to work together. The BQs specifically decide they're not even going to ask either of these teams about working together, given that it's obviously pointless. See, they didn't like us first!

Mary immediately announces that she wants to do the Fast Forward -- remember, she needs to be in first place, if at all possible, because otherwise she gets a penalty. Normally, of course, you can't get two Fast Forwards, but Phil doesn't explain that part this time, and I guess he didn't last time, either? I don't know. I would still be in favor of limiting Fast Forwards to one, not that it's going to matter in this case. Here come the *wins up the path, by the way. They will become the partners of the BQs, who I suspect are not too disappointed. These teams open up the Detour clue (which is what you get if you don't do the FF), and it says that you have to choose here between a task in which you wrap and then carry eight mattresses through the streets about a mile to find an address and a task in which you meticulously make paper by hand. Long Sleep versus Short Letter, you see. Mary and Dave and the *lyns stand around debating whether or not to take the FF, while the BQs and *wins go running off to carry the mattresses. And then, for whatever reason, one of the BQs calls out, "You are Asian! We could have made paper!" Wow. That's not even a very interesting ethnic stereotype. It's just stereotyping for its own sake. It's like, "You're white! Aren't you guys all news anchors?" If you're going to be cringingly insensitive, at least don't be lame.

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