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The Longest Philimination

The Pointies and the A(AM!)s are on their way to the cow lips. In an interview, Rob and Kimberly explain teaming up with the boys, and Kimberly adds that they really want one of the aligned teams to get sent home. Speaking of whom, Mary and Lyn are busy disagreeing in their bus/taxi about the fact that Mary still wants to do the FF. Lyn is insistent that it will be a waste of time to go try to get it, because they won't get it anyway if they have to compete with that lead group that I think she suspects is already on its way. Mary keeps saying that she has to come in first, but finally, she relents, probably realizing that her odds at the FF are not very good, and her group decides to do the mattresses.

On the way to those same mattresses, Godwin admits with a grin that he hasn't liked the BQs all that much, but Kandice cheerfully says that the boys "couldn't have better teammates" than herself and Dustin. If she does say so herself. Godwin agrees that if they do well in the mattresses, "it's all forgotten." Heh. "You know," Dustin lectures, "you're glad that we're on your side right now, and we're glad that you're on our side." It would have been so much better if she had stuck with just the second half of that sentence. Because the first part sounds a little bit too much like everything else that comes out of her mouth, much of which is blurring into one long "we are awesome" barrage. I like real confidence, and there's precious little of it among way to many young women of this age and type, but she's becoming haughty, which is never good.

So, the FF group arrives at the market and hunts down the stall they're looking for. This is a pretty serious meat situation, just as far as the environment. There is a ton of meat hanging, and there is not a lot of fresh air, even though they're outdoors. As soon as they actually lay eyes on the cow lips, the teams begin to blanch. They try to just throw it all down the hatch, but Kimberly sums it up like this: "It was disgusting." You might think she's exaggerating until she says that there was not only fat involved, but there were teeth, and there was hair. So now, you are eating cow lips with a moustache. And some teeth. There is a lot of nose-holding, which I'm sure is about what they're eating, but which I'm also sure is partly just because they are surrounded by more raw meat than anyone probably wants keeping them company.

Still riding to the mattresses, the BQs rib the *wins about being the masterminds behind the alliance, and how the *lyns and *ians are really going to miss them. "We're all equal," a *win says. "No," Kandice says flatly. Such a fine line it is that those girls are... sort of hopping all over. Elsewhere, Karlyn and Mary agree that neither of them wanted to work with the BQs. So there. They didn't like us first!

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