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The Longest Philimination

The *wins and BQs show up at the mattress Detour, and very shortly, they're followed by the *lyns and *ians. These mattresses turn out to be flat pieces of foam, so they don't weigh very much; they're just unwieldy. And of course, you have to start by sliding them into mattress covers, which is no fun. "Come on, like a little girl's pantyhose!" Mary says of putting on the covers. I don't know about that comparison, but it does sound like a similar degree of difficulty. I think that's what I'm going to start to say about all difficult challenges. "Come on, like a little girl's pantyhose!" This is how sayings get coined. Join me, won't you? "How was the presentation?" "Piece of cake. Like a little girl's pantyhose." That would make you really popular around the office.

The FF is busy being incredibly hard on everyone but James, who probably figures he's done a few things in his life less appetizing than this. Rob isn't even sure he can do it, but when Tyler starts making noises about going back and going to the Detour, Rob and James are insistent that they've already "committed," so they'll just have to do their best with the cow lips they have. (If I had a nickel...)

The *wins say that it was "efficient" working with the BQs. They did not, however, enjoy competing against the *lyns and Dave and Mary. I wonder if the *wins realize how many teams are left, and how many they're trying to avoid competing against.

The four FF participants are tossing around advice -- well, the three guys are. "Don't look at all the meat covered with flies" would seem to be one piece of advice.

The Detouring continues. Mary explains that she and Dave fight partly because they haven't ever had to spend this much time together. And can I just say that it shows? Because it does. Dave tells us that ultimately, they're both there for the kids, so it's not going to help them to be fighting all the time.

The BQs and *wins finish the covering part of the task first. As they look at the address, Godwin chuckles to the BQs, "Ladies, that's your job. Get one of these locals to help you." Rule #1: If most of the locals are men, you let the young pretty women do the approaching. This rule is what we call Not Rocket Science. In an interview, Godwin points out that blonde, blue-eyed people have an advantage in getting people to stop and help them. In an interview, Kandice clearly takes offense at the *wins telling them to ask for directions from locals because they'd have better luck. Dustin goes on to say that this comment -- which you will recall was "Ladies, that's your job. Get one of these locals to help you" -- was an accusation that they're just lucky and are "smiling at the right people" rather than being good racers. She is making a whole lot out of that comment, if that's really the comment they're talking about. Young, pretty women have an advantage in getting help from unfamiliar people, particularly but not exclusively men. If you can't deal with that, then don't deal with it, but that's reality, and someone else pointing out pragmatically that that bias exists doesn't mean anyone is denigrating anything else you've done, since you can be a good team with a natural advantage or a bad team with a natural advantage. Oh, and Kandice kind of steps on Dustin's righteous indignation by saying, "We're not saying that they're wrong, but." So...not wrong, and yet somehow wrong. Got it.

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