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The Longest Philimination

The *wins and BQs are on the road, carrying their mattresses, while the *lyns and Dave and Mary are still finishing covering theirs. Oddly, this trailing group initially decides to only take four mattresses with them on the first try and to come back for the other four. That is not efficient. Dave thinks they can take all eight, but Mary insists that they can't. Lyn just wants to reach a decision so they can do something.

Meanwhile, the *wins and BQs are making excellent progress, carrying four mattress each split into two pairs of people. In an effort to get the eight mattresses to stay together as a unit, Karlyn and Dave hit upon connecting the straps from their fanny packs and using those like a giant bungee cord. It's ingenious, in a sense. I mean, I'm not sure you want to tie all the mattresses together, but if you do, it's pretty resourceful to come up with using your fanny-pack straps. Lyn says in an interview that this actually worked, and you can tell from her expression that she didn't think it was going to. She adds that carrying this enormous, unwieldy thing through the streets with little people at the bottom of it, they looked suspiciously like they were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Heh.

The FF teams still are trying to get through the cow lips. The champion of this is clearly James, about whom Tyler laughs and observes, "He can't swim, but he can eat cow lips." Fortunately, James laughs too, or that would have been awkward. I don't recall James being unable to swim, either.

The BQs are still hauling mattresses through the streets. They're carrying them on their heads at the moment, which sounds fun but actually causes two mattresses to fall off, so they have to run back and fetch them. You can tell how light the mattresses are, because Dustin and Kandice barely know two of them are gone at first. I'm thinking they may not be comfortable for sleeping. The next snag for this group comes when the local who's been leading them not only runs far ahead of them, but does it while carrying the address they need. I'm not sure giving the local the only copy you have of the address was a good thought.

Dave and Mary and the *lyns then almost drop their parade float. This is the first time I've sensed that if these people know each other long enough, there will be some yelling from time to time, because Lyn and Mary are being a bit short with each other.

Unhappy Fast Forward people, looking green.

Mary bickering with her own team. Cow-lip-eating contestants trying not to eat any teeth. BQs and *wins looking for their long-lost local. Chaos! Has! Descended!

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