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In The Weeniemobile Of Reaping What You Sow, Wil is suddenly discovering that he can't get it out of low gear. (And that, of course, would contribute to the chicka-chicka-bamp-bamp...[cough]. Sorry.) No, literally -- he can't get the car to move. Before you know it, they meet up with Boston. "We're stuck in low gear," Wil says, all friendly. "Do you know how to get it out of low gear real quick?" Tara scolds him: "Now you want their help. When you wanted to pass them before." She goes on, "You're a horrible, evil man." "Shut up," he commands. For whatever reason (it escapes me entirely, although I guess it has something to do with Tara's charms), Boston agrees to stay with Tarawil. Alex loudly adds, "Even though you left us." Hmm. So Eye Candy makes an alliance with Grouchy Separated People, even though Grouchy Separated Man is clearly planning to bail out whenever he thinks it benefits him. Eye Candy decides to go the honor-and-loyalty route long after there's any chance of their attitude being returned, and before you know it, there's The Vibe Of Big Love going between one of the Eye Candies and Grouchy Separated Wife. I have a feeling I've seen this show before. Man, I wasn't crazy last season. I was ahead of my time.

Gary and Dave arrive at the bus station at Iguacu ten minutes before Jeebus, Mary and the Fruit, and Cha-Cha-Cha. How did that happen? The other people had a direct bus! And Gary and Dave's connecting bus broke down! Huh? I need more explanation. The reversals in this episode are baffling. You remember the thing from math class where multiplying by a negative number will make a positive change to a negative and a negative change to a positive? This bus ride is like that. Very confusing.

Tarawil and Boston approach the McFlag. "I find it very hard to believe there's anybody ahead of us and Tara and Wil," Alex says anxiously. When they get out of the jeeps, Tara wants to wait for Boston (chicka-chicka), but Wil wants to get going. They get going. They run to the next flag. Roadblock. In this particular Roadblock, the chosen team member has to get in a little speedboat and go to the falls to spot a flag, and then they have to climb up to the flag to get the next clue. A fairly isolating Roadblock -- it's no beetle larvae. The Roadblock tells the teams to pick the team member with "keen eyes and a good sense of direction." Tara immediately points to herself. Alex takes the Detour on behalf of Boston. "We start just hawlin' up the riv-ah," Alex explains steamily. They fly over the rapids in their little boats to the falls. Tara has trouble spotting the flag. Alex sees it. "There's the flag!" he yells. "Stay alive! Whatever occurs! I will find you!" Okay, he doesn't say that last part. But he does show her where the flag is. The two of them get off the boats and head up the trail to the flag.

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