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Okay, anyway, back to Wil and Tara, sporting those always-fashionable large orange rectangular life preservers. I'm really very surprised that they haven't improved the design of those since I was at summer camp as a kid. I can store thousands of addresses on my Sony Clie, I can essentially demand a neck rub from my TiVo, and they haven't found a way to keep you from drowning other than strapping one of these gargantuan things around your neck. Aren't you shocked it can't all be done with microchips now? Some kind of anti-drown patch you put on your arm before you go out on a boat? At any rate, Wil and Tara open the clue, which tells them that they have to take a little boat back to the beach, and then hop in a blue taxi and go to a Samba Club. In an interview, Wil says he couldn't ask for a better partner, because Tara is the "calming person" when he's the "hothead." Presumably, his awareness of this fact and his associated appreciation is why he treats her like crap when she tries to calm him down. Oh, wait a minute, that makes no sense. Man, I really hate this guy. I would also point out that he wears a necklace that looks like a rejected design for the Survivor immunity idol. Anyway, the little boat zips them to shore, and they find the row of blue taxis. The cameramen vibrate along the highway as Phil re-explains the clue, adding that the teams have also received a feather, and once they get to the nightclub, they have to find the dancer whose headdress matches the feather. She'll give them the next clue.

11:34 PM. Team Jeebus. They open the clue (and their $200). Boat, taxi, and they're on their way.

11:35 PM. Shola and Doyin. Okay, here's what I think. Based on Episode 1 (in which Doyin called himself Doyin while telling himself not to look down), it appears to me that Shola is the one with the earring. That is the premise on which this entire recap is based. If Shola is the one without the earring, then I have it backwards, but I've looked a couple of times, and I'm pretty sure I'm right, despite the fact that I think there was a forum post to the contrary. But at least we're making progress. Anyway, they notice that their lead on the people behind them is practically nothing. One of them voices over that their high level of communication skills gives them kind of a creepy telepathic advantage. Cool.

Tarawil cab. Apparently, according to what we have learned about cab karma, they did not tip their first cabbie, because this one has no freaking idea where he's going. Ha! Furthermore, Tara has caught on that the driver is clueless, and Wil the Pil is still insisting that everything is fine. Whatever, Captain Denial-o. I notice here that Tara is wearing big rings on her fingers. You know what I don't think is too practical during this particular race? Big rings. Future reality show contestants can file that under "Things To Leave At Home," along with Very Large Dangly Earrings and High-Heeled Shoes. Just some friendly advice.

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