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Shola explains that the cab driver ran over his heel. He thought he was going to be done for right then, but he gets up and shakes it off as well as he can. He says nothing short of a "body cast" will take him out of the race. He also, in a move that completely endears him to me forever, lets the cabbie off the hook. "It's all right, it's all right, you didn't do it on purpose," he chuckles. I bet MAMom did the same thing, but if you fast forward to six months later, MADad said something like, "What's for dinner?" and she said, "I'm sorry, did you ask me what was for dinner or run over my foot with the car?"

Tarawil arrives at the mountain. They get to the McFlag at about the same time as Xerox, it appears. Tara asks Xerox and Jeebus whether they want to do the metal detector as a group project, but then in an interview, she claims that she never considered not hang-gliding. So she's either full of it in her interview, or she's full of it when talking to the other teams, and either way, I have no idea what she could be trying to accomplish. Of course, given that she apparently spends a fair amount of time with Wil voluntarily, I don't really get her anyway, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Peggy and Claire get to the club at about the same time as Gary and Dave. After he and Dave get the clue from the dancer, Gary laments that if he had had a few more minutes with her, he could have gotten her number. [THUNK.] (That was the sound of that joke hitting the floor like a dead body.) Peggy and Claire get the clue as well. In an interview, they explain that they thought the Fast Forward was their only chance at getting back on track. Phil explains the Fast Forward (with the help of more Impostor Exposition Hands), and as it turns out, the Fast Forward on this leg involves winning ten points in beach volleyball against professional Brazilian players. Of course, the Brazilians have to play with their feet, and the teams can use their hands. (Really.) Peggy sounds like she thinks doing the volleyball is pretty damn hopeless (there's a shock), but she lets Claire talk her into it.

Doyin explains that he's afraid of heights, so the hang-gliding was out. Furthermore, the metal detector would take too long, so they go for the Fast Forward. Yeesh. They're in third right now, so I'm not sure I think using the Fast Forward now is a good idea at all, but hey, I'm willing to be convinced.

Hope and Norm and Chris and Alex make it up the mountain, followed by Oswald and Danny and Blake and Paige. Lots of high-fiving, which is actually kind of nice. Blake reads the clue and, in a major miscalculation, he says he thinks the metal detector will be faster. Ignoring the "first come, first served" aspect of the hang-gliding that makes it important to claim your place in line for the morning if that's what you're going to do, he and Paige leave the growing queue to go "think about" whether they're going to do the glide or the beach. In the cab, he tells Paige that his brilliant plan is to borrow a metal detector from someone and find the clue overnight (do they know for sure that it's been buried yet?), and then they can go right to it in the morning. She looks doubtful. This plan goes down in flames when they see the vast expanse of sand they'd have to search, and now they have to go back to the hang-glider area. Blake and Paige, incidentally, are wearing shirts that I think are emblazoned with pictures of their family members, which on the one hand is a well-intentioned thought, but on the other hand is as cheesy as a pizza. Furthermore, he's walking around with one pant leg rolled up, and it just doesn't get doofier than that. Blake, you're losing me, hon. They bicker as they walk back, because she doesn't want to wind up last in line for the glider.

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