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Greece, Lightning

Fran and Barry arrive at the fortress. Welcome, you are team number four. And apparently, there is no penalty for careless driving or destruction of property.

BJ and Tyler come to the pit stop with BJ on Tyler's back. They're the fifth team to arrive. However. Penalty for getting off at the wrong station. So they'll be waiting out a fifteen-minute penalty. Of course, at this point, it's all over, because Lake and Michelle are the only team left, and they'd be subject to the same penalty, so all this business about whether Lake and Michelle will get there before the fifteen minutes are up is bogus suspense, to say the least.

But here are Lake and Michelle, approaching. Will they make it? Well, they do not make it, and Phil checks in BJ and Tyler as team number five. BJ grabs Phil and gives him an uninvited smooch on the face. "That's just one of you, I hope," Phil says. So of course, Tyler does the same.

Here, at last, come Lake and Michelle. Welcome, Lake and Michelle, you are the last team to arrive. And you are eliminated. She cries, and he hugs her, and he tells Phil that Michelle "did great." In an interview, he insists that they've "gotten along great most of the time." She blubbers that she's sad: "I couldn't do anything to help us." That's a very weird construction there. She interviews that she understands many people will look at their relationship as "completely whacked." Or "wacked." I don't know how the kids use that particular term. She says, though, that their relationship works for them, and for most of the race, I'd have gone along with her. This leg, though… "Shut up, bitch" and such is really not okay, to me, so I would hope maybe he'll look at that on TV and think perhaps he doesn't want to be that guy. I think he has a better guy than that in him.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Yolanda tells Ray not to talk to her like that. BJ collapses from the heat, but as you know, it's probably just a bit he's doing.

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