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Greece, Lightning

MoJo heads for the restaurant. Eric and Jeremy are looking, too. Ray and Yolanda and BJ and Tyler meet up at a bus that can take them to the train station. Tyler is, to his credit, pretty helpful about pointing Ray and Yolanda to the bus, which is probably wise, since it's unlikely to make a huge difference. Lake and Michelle are going to the train station in a cab.

Restaurant of Plate-Breaking. The locals are dancing, just as you knew they would be. It's either that or insane, head-exploding music. MoJo runs in and immediately starts smashing plates. Eric and Jeremy arrive close behind. Before Fran and Barry can even arrive, Eric and Jeremy get the FF, because in addition to being good and fast, they are also very lucky, almost always. A frustrated MoJo dashes out to head for the train station, convinced, naturally, that they're completely screwed because they wasted time at the FF. In fairness, of all the times I've seen teams blow time at the FF, I think that was about the smallest loss ever. Joseph laments their inferior luck as he and Monica run through the rain. Eric and Jeremy open the FF clue, which tells them to skip everything else and go straight to the pit stop at the Fortress of Rion. Once Phil has shown some pretty pictures of the pit stop, Eric and Jeremy celebrate by diving into and trying to smash all the other plates that are sitting there, because hey, who cares about the people who have to clean up after your ass, right? Outside, they find a marked car that they're to take to the pit stop. Jeremy comments that he cut himself, and I really hope it was at the end, where he was being a shit.

Fran and Barry get to the FF and figure out that it's already gone. Now, they need a taxi to the train. Meanwhile, at the train station, Lake and Michelle get tickets to Corinth first, followed by the bus-taking BJ and Tyler and Ray and Yolanda. "Either the other three teams are competing for the Fast Forward," BJ says on the train, "or they're lost in ancient Athens." The way he says this is a little funny, so of course, he has to add to it, "And may the gods help them," which sends it over the line into irritating and dumb.

Monica and Joseph are looking for the train station, unaware that they are not alone because Fran and Barry also went hunting for the FF in vain. Thus, Monica announces that they're done. "No, we're not!" Joseph protests. They try to get a taxi, but she gets the impression that nobody wants to pick them up. Maybe it's the raincoats. They do look kind of scary.

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