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Greece, Lightning

Tyler does the bungee. He does it in a funny and ironic way, of course. They take the Olympics, and they are thoroughly insufferable about it as they run toward their car. I've never seen hippies squeeing before. I'm not sure I like it.

Michelle jumps. They want the Olympics, too. Monica loves the bungee jump, taking the biggest and most enthusiastic dive of anybody, which is kind of cool. Fran freaks out even more as she listens to Monica scream with happiness. When MoJo gets back, they run into Fran and Barry, and Monica tells her, "Frannie, we love you, you'll be fine." She gives a hug and leaves. She and Joseph are taking the Olympics as well.

Fran cannot stop talking about how terrified she is as she walks out onto the bridge. "Oh my God, I'm so scared!" Barry repeats to us that this is "the one thing" Fran didn't want to have to do. Which, again…why take the one that basically says this is what it is? The rain pounds on Fran as she continues losing her shit. "I'm too scared! Oh, I'm scared!" Thus the part where you hear your own screams, you know? And thus do we once again fade out on someone supposedly too scared to do the bungee jump.

More commercials. I have no idea what they were!

When we get back, Fran is still freaking out. But they count her down from three, and she sort of weakly crawls off the platform and stumbles off. She certainly approaches it like she's trying to die, that's for sure. Of course, as always, the "will she jump or not?" plotline comes to nothing. You'd think they would realize that we're not so fooled by this anymore. She goes, they leave, and they're looking for the non-Olympic Detour with the Greek letters.

Lake and Michelle, in their car on the way to the Detour, are arguing again. He's blaming her, she's telling him to stop yelling at her…things are degenerating. "Dammit," he finally says, "don't be a idiot [sic] right now; don't be crazy right now, you're gonna fall apart right when the pressure gits tough?" He gets more southern the more pressure he's under; have you noticed? ["At least he dropped an actual d-bomb instead of that 'Jupiter Christmas' nonsense he usually says." -- Sars] They go inside somewhere and ask for directions.

Eric and Jeremy, seen so mercifully little in this episode, are arriving at the pit stop. Welcome, you are team number one! And because they put together the kindergarten-level Da Vinci thing together, they get to attend the red-carpet premiere of The Da Vinci Code. "We're pretty excited to see the premiere of The Da Vinci Code," Jeremy obediently says into the camera, making sure that the movie gets the appropriate bang for its buck. I don't understand how these guys can be in Hollywood and remain sane. You know, if you think they're sane. Because they'd be surrounded by breasts, and I don't understand how they could tolerate that and still find enough energy to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide.

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