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The program gets a little buggy

The Chipsters finally get a clue, and they finish reading it just as Jon and Kelly pull up on their horses. Back at the Chipster car, they throw their stuff in and get ready to leave. Chip suggests that Reichen repack the back of the car, and as Reichen fusses by the back driver's side door, a sudden burst of tense music announces that something bad has happened. Chip is all, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." "You ran over my foot," Reichen says angrily. He explains in a voice-over that Chip started the car without the clutch in, and he managed to roll over Reichen's foot. "Are you okay?" Chip asks as they finally drive off. "Yeah, I'm fine," Reichen replies. "Did I really run over your foot?" Chip says. "Yes!" Reichen barks. "Be careful!" "I did not mean to do it, Reichen," Chip says defensively. "Will you calm down? Like I meant to do it, like I meant to run your foot over." Chip appears to be the one who now mutters, "Asshole." "I'm the asshole?" Reichen asks incredulously. "I'm sorry, I said I'm sorry. I did not mean to do that," Chip says. Heh. As I've explained before, my dad ran over my mom's foot once. If my parents' experience is any guide, Chip's got nothing to worry about, because he should be done hearing about this in about fifteen years. ["I've had my foot run over a few times, and it's one of those things where you're more offended by it in theory than hurt in physical practice. If you have the wherewithal to give the driver guff for it a few minutes later, it's not that serious an injury." -- Sars]

Kelly and Jon finally locate the clue. He initially walks right by it, earning him a hearty "Jon, you freak!" from Kelly when she tracks it down.

In the Chipster car, they're realizing that they don't actually know how to get to Julatten. Chip hops out and runs up to some poor lady's house for directions. She first corrects his pronunciation -- it's ju-LAT-ten, not JOO-la-tten -- and then tells him to "take a left." Nice specific directions, there. Jon and Kelly aren't doing much better, as they return from the Detour and start trying to find someone who knows where the town is. No luck with the first guy, though he's got a boxy little yellow car that's cute as heck. It looks like the product of the forbidden love of Sparky the Sportscar and Speedy the School Bus.

Team Who, on the other hand, has reached Julatten and spots the little sign pointing off the highway to the "Off Road Rush." "This must be the outback!" some Who or another says in a very, very bad Paul Hogan voice. "Bitchin'," David adds. Isn't he a little long in the tooth for "bitchin'"? Come to think of it, isn't "bitchin'" a little long in the tooth? They drive down a dirt road for a bit until they spot a flag. The flag is by a set of goofy-looking vehicles that Phil explains are "race buggies." We've reached this week's Roadblock, and the chosen team member will, unsurprisingly, be taking a buggy around a race course. This is no little jaunt, either -- it's a seven-mile course. David and Jeff talk it over, and David decides to take it for their team. Jeff gives him a stern talking-to as he gets into his black racing jumpsuit thing. "Don't roll it...make the course," Jeff advises. He forgets "don't get lost," but since it's a closed course with an instructor, David probably isn't likely to be calling from a pay phone in half an hour, like, "Dude, you won't believe this." David smushes himself into the buggy, the racing instructor gets in with him, and they're off. "Let's go, bro," Jeff advises, using perhaps the only expression more dated than "bitchin'." Vroom! David drives, giving a little "woo hoo!" as he goes all Dukes of Hazzard and gets airborne. "It had tons of power," he says in a voice-over. "It was bad-ass." And, undoubtedly, "bitchin'."

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