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10:59 AM. Kelly and Jon. (So that's a twenty-minute lead that the Whos are hoping to parlay into something more substantial. Good luck, there, fellas.) For whatever reason, Jon is wearing a very, very dorky hat here, as well as displaying his goofiest smile as he waits for Kelly to rip the clue. You know, it's remarkable how hat-averse the teams have been this year. If they all came home with sunburned scalps, I'm going to feel sort of guilty. When Kelly rips the clue open, Jon makes a show of counting the dollar for us. In a voice-over, Kelly explains that although she and Jon fight, "what happens on the race stays on the race," and their fighting has yet to actually interfere with their racing, which seems to be largely true. As they get directions, Jon returns in an interview to the increasingly tiresome theme of Kelly's girlhood, and how it's unique among the remaining racers, and how it will hopefully cause the Chipsters and Who to underestimate the two of them, allowing them to just sneak by and win. Hmm. I'm thinking that if I were Jon and Kelly and I were selecting a strategy, "remaining inconspicuous" would probably not be one of the ones I would try. They get going, and Kelly adds in a voice-over that they've been "saving [their] money like crazy," so they'll have plenty to spend on earplugs if they ever get tired of listening to each other, I guess.

11:33 AM. Chipsters. Reichen is also sporting a white V-neck shirt, but in his case, it seems to be of high enough quality that you can't see right through it like tissue paper, so that's a little less eye-gouging. I would also say that either he has the bod to pull it off a little more successfully or the cut is about a hundred times more flattering, or both, but that would be shallow of me to notice, and it disturbs me when I find that the water doesn't even cover my toes anymore. Chip hams it up for us with the dollar for our amusement. The teams sure are finding that dollar bill a lot funnier than I am. Reichen voices over that in spite of the penalty, he and Chip are very glad to still be in the race, so they're trying to be "intense" but "relaxed." Also, they will try to be "fast" and yet "slow," as well as "tall" and yet "short." In a sunny pit stop interview, Reichen says, "We're going to catch back up -- watch out." And then they flash their matching pretty smiles and show you all those pretty teeth -- ding! Oh, and out on the road as they load up the car, Reichen is again wearing the yellow shorts. Oh, the ubiquity! Chip interviews that he's learned that he and Reichen both really want to be right, and really want to show each other that they're right, and he thinks this "intensity" of an almost competitive nature can really hurt them. Not that he has any buried hostility he's going to be trying to exorcise by resorting to violence during the leg or anything. They ask for some directions to Ferny Hills, and learn that they should expect it to take a couple of hours.

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