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Tea and Treachery

The Underdogs celebrate, and it really looks pretty sincere, except perhaps on the part of Lenny and Karyn. I think Paul and Amie and Emily and Nancy actually all like each other. Frankly, they're all being too nice for me to pick on them right at the moment.

Sigh. The sad part. Pat and Brenda slog away from the train station, telling themselves they're not last. They know that they are, though, because they haven't seen another team all day. At the top, Phil actually seems to pop out even more suddenly than usual to deliver the bad news. Brenda's head drops onto Pat's shoulder. "We thought so," Pat says with a gracious smile. With similar good spirits, Brenda says, "Who knew that there were two Foo-CALL's pendulums in Paris?" They hug. They're crying. Brenda talks about how much she loved doing it, and how rejuvenating it was. All things considered, these two are remarkably, wonderfully good sports. Good show, ladies.

Number of times that anyone besides Phil pronounced "Foucault" correctly (approximately, "Foo-COH")? Zero.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: A boat. Making out. The Coliseum, and something that looks like Gladiator. More Lenny and Karyn fighting. Emily kicks something. Dave and Margaretta grin like fools, in the best way.

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