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Tea and Treachery

Pat and Brenda choose the Easy Walk, after taking the evening's first stab at pronouncing "Foucault." (They pronounce it "Foo-CALD.") "The Guidos are hot on our tail," Brenda observes. Frankly, I don't want to hear "hot," "tail," and "Guidos" in the same sentence. It's nothing personal -- I wouldn't want to hear "hot," "tail," and "Britney and Justin" in the same sentence either.

And here comes Team Guido indeed, racing toward the wheel in their matching knit hats AND matching outfits. I can officially report that as to Team Guido, I no longer feel the love, probably because they're not spending nearly enough time foiling Loud Pushy Frank anymore. They read the clue, and their vote in the Pronunciation Sweepstakes is for "Foo-COLT." They talk at the same time a lot, and conclude that there's nothing to do until tomorrow, since neither the pendulum nor Notre Dame will be available for exploration until 10:00 tomorrow morning. They decide to pass the time by walking through their old neighborhood (did they mention they used to live in Paris?). They are so excited by this prospect that they literally start jumping up and down, which is just so sad and lame that there's nothing to do about it except, you know, avert your eyes for your own protection. They also decide to have a glass of champagne. Apparently, they don't think they'll be needing their money very much. I think the champagne serves as a perfect symbol of their overconfidence, quite frankly. As they walk off in the direction of Rue de Waves Of Nostalgia, they speculate that nobody besides them will probably even make it to the wheel before it closes because the other teams "won't know what to do." It's sad, but arrogance does not become Team Guido, and I'm not sure they brought anything else to wear. Sigh. At least they match.

A nice bit of editing intercuts the tail end of the Guidos' dismissiveness with footage of Rob and Brennan and Frank and Margarita, all of whom arrive at the wheel and fetch the clue just before closing time. "Onward to victory!" Frank yells to his alliance, but when he and Margarita are back in the cab, he's singing his own a cappella version of "Suspicious Minds" again. Somehow, Frank secretly suspects that Team Esquire is up to something, although he's not sure what. He suspects a lack of straightforwardness. Why it isn't a straightforwardness problem for Frank to yell "onward to victory!" right before he disses the Esquires in the cab is not entirely clear.

Team Guido inquires, at what appears to be a fancy hotel, about the location of Foo-CALT's pendulum. The inquiree gives it up that they need to get to the Pantheon. Joe, apparently having added "Perpetuate Stereotypes" to his Things To Do list for the day, has a raging Corky St. Clair moment as he somewhat stupidly, as well as Corkily, makes a swinging motion with his arm and comments, "And it swings." Yeah, thanks, Joe, because I was wondering what a pendulum did. I knew it wasn't tap-dancing, but beyond that, I was really struggling. He and Bill say "perfect" over and over again, and high-five each other. Ugh.

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