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Tea and Treachery

12:27 AM. Team Shower-Fresh Scent is ready to go. Kevin rips open the clue. When they see that the wheel closes at 12:30, they take a look at the Fast Forward, which will require them to visit a tea shop. As they consider their options, they stop a guy on the street for some help, and he asks them where they're from. "New Yawk," Drew says, in exactly the way you're imagining. In spite of this, the guy points them in the direction of the wheel, and they're off. Footage of the wheel being closed up for the night. When Shower-Fresh arrives, they can't get to the clue. They ask the guy who is guarding the Ferris wheel (in case someone runs off with it stuffed under a coat by attempting to pass it off as an extremely large quantity of cheese, I suppose) whether there were other Americans there that night. Told that there were, Drew and Kev fret, afraid of getting too far behind the lead teams. They decide to go for the Fast Forward, despite Kevin's very reasonable concern that they'd be better off saving the FF for later in the race. (These guys are, as you may have noticed, quite smart. Don't mistake their goofy accents for a lack of intellect.) They are off to find the tea shop. Phil gives some details about going into the shop and asking for a specific tea, which will lead to the FF pass. Meanwhile, Kevin does his best "blah blah blah" imitation of what French sounds like, which sounds very much like Ross from Friends doing his Paolo impression, although that was, of course, a dramatic interpretation of Italian. They're both Romance languages, though, and we've learned from Dark Hair and Light Hair that one of those is pretty much like another.

2:18 AM. Paul and Amie. They talk about the pressures of the race, and make it known that they still like each other, despite the fact that they've realized that neither of them is particularly likeable. There's a certain fairness to that, actually. Paul, in particular, seems to have noticed that the stress of the race has distracted him from how much he doesn't like Amie.

2:23 AM. Nancy and Emily prepare for departure. Emily explains that the trip has helped her get to know her mom as a person, not just a mom. Okay, awww. Then, following that touching revelation, in what is almost a bitter cruelty worthy of an episode of Touched By An Angel, the two of them very nearly get run over by a car. Eeek! As they rejoice in their narrow escape, Emily's voice-over expresses her surprise that her mom, who used to never want Emily to ride her bike in their own neighborhood, has joined her in activities like jumping off of cliffs. Not to mention almost getting smashed under the tires of a Paris taxicab.

Now, we learn an interesting fact about the fortunes of Davey and Margaretta. It seems that on the last leg, when they got to the Eiffel Tower, they ran right past the flag at the bottom that explained what they had to do. Through a combination of luck, guessing, and presumably seeing other teams running around, they (both) ran up the tower, where they got the skinny from Paul about the clue, and figured out that they should go to the Arc. Technically, this is a rules violation, because they both ran up the tower, which means that neither of them completed the one-person-all-alone-goes-up-the-tower task. Therefore, they received a time penalty and are leaving in eighth place. Booooo! Given last week's preview, I fear for Dave and Margaretta.

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