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Tea and Treachery

Kevin and Drew are thrilled to find the Fast Forward tea shop, although it's not an all-night tea shop, so they, like everybody else, will have to wait until morning. They toss their stuff in the doorway to wait for morning. "We have no food, we have no water…we're all set," Kevin observes with a chuckle. They lay down their sleeping bags and climb in, right against the tea-shop door. "Good night, Kevin." "Good night, Drew." And then: "Good night, John-Boy." Good night, Team Shower-Fresh!

Team Guido wanders the streets of Paris. Joe and Bill manage to make another reference to their very own French connection, hard though it may be to believe. Have they mentioned they've been to France before? Have they mentioned they have the Eiffel Tower prominently tattooed on their matching shapely fannies? Have they mentioned that they speak French in their sleep and use croissants as pincushions and once scraped the barnacles off a boat that was once owned by Jacques Cousteau? Have they mentioned that they personally negotiated the Treaty of Paris and directed the movie Paris, Texas and wrote the song "I Love Paris" and invented plaster of Paris? Yeah, I thought so. Guys? We get it. We got it a long time ago. And seriously, stop crying with nostalgia. Two years isn't even as long as I lived in a single college dorm, and there's no way I would cry at the thought of walking past it. Well, I wouldn't cry with nostalgia. Perhaps I would cry at the architectural style, which is sort of Early American Correctional Facility.

Paul and Amie and Lenny and Karyn are getting situated in their sleeping bags at the Wheel Of Big Gaudy Lights when Dave and Margaretta arrive. Warm greetings ensue. Paul zips Amie into her bag, making a remark (actually relatively amusing) about how much he enjoys shutting her into an enclosed space where she can't talk as much. Aaaaaaand it's my first Liking Paul Moment ever. (What is HAPPENING this week?) We next see the six who are currently at the wheel -- Lenny/Karyn, Paul/Amie, Dave/Margaretta -- lying out under the stars. Amie giggles wildly (Liking Amie Moment #2 -- they're coming fast and furious!) as she glances over at Davey and Margaretta, who are under what looks like a stunning gold lamé duvet. My friend Snowmobile Boy, incidentally, tells me with some enthusiasm that these "emergency blankets" fold up to be extremely teeny, like half the size of your wallet -- ah, so it's probably one of Davey's clever flyboy tricks. (Of course, I haven't asked Mrs. Snowmobile Boy whether she's ever been stuck under one and how much good it did her.) As they stare at the sky, Margaretta flashes a smile so magnificent that all of under-40 America concludes that if its future holds even one smile like that, it's nothing but good times ahead.

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