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But at any rate, as Vyxsin is still saying, "We don't know that anyone's behind us," Kynt emerges with the photo already chosen, apparently without her input, and says, "Right, but I have a feeling that they are." We check in on Nate and Jen, and then we return to Kynt and Vyxsin, where he's apparently told her what they're doing. "Are you sure?" Vyxsin asks, obviously utterly perplexed. "Yes," he insists.


When we get back, Kynt and Vyxsin are discussing the U-Turn, clearly before the part where he took out the photo, which was aired before the commercial. Confusing. Anyway, we're back at the part where she resignedly says they don't have reason to think anyone's behind them except possibly Nate and Jen. She suggests they U-Turn Nate and Jen "in case they're behind us." Kynt excitedly says, "But we could U-Turn somebody and make sure we sink 'em! Somebody we know is behind us, like Gramps and Nick!" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for some reason, Kynt has categorized Nick and Don as a team they know are behind them. Because...I have no idea. Seriously, I have no idea. In the cab, Vyxsin looks miserable and irritated, having apparently had nothing to do with that decision, as Kynt insists that there's a better chance that Nick and Don -- who have been out of sight since Time X, since which they've done one fewer task than Kynt and Vyxsin -- are behind them, simply because they're slow generally. Not good thinking, there, bud. It's not about who's slow overall; it's about who's slow at what. Nick and Don are actually pretty good at the methodical, non-navigational tasks where there's nothing particularly physical, which is what that Detour was. Nate and Jen were wildly frazzled the last time Kynt saw them, and they weren't far enough ahead to put them out of reach, and at least they were within sight recently. He's just not thinking about it in the right way, it seems to me.

My favorite part is when Nate and Jen get to the U-Turn and see that they're not U-Turned. Jen's like, "Yay! Wait...WHAT?" Nate tells her not to worry about it, and in the cab on the way to the propane, she's still trying to figure it out, and Nate's trying to get her to forget all about it, which is right, and focus on what they have to do next. I love the fact that Jen is so hyper-critical that she's upset about something stupid that someone else did even though it's helping her.

TK makes his second set of deliveries and goes. Nick does the same. They both fetch their receipts. Meanwhile, it looks like Ron has found his first delivery.

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