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TK and Rachel pull up at the fort and run up to the mat. Welcome, you are team number one! They win a trip for two to St. Maarten. Nice! One to Japan and one to the beach; that's pretty awesome. Rachel tells us that being one of the final four teams is really amazing for her. TK says that a million dollars "would be freakin' awesome!" And he looks extra-stoned while saying it.

Kynt crashes his cart into a wall, at which point someone finally shows him where the brake is. Oh, Kynt. He does round up someone to lead him (in theory) to the address he needs to find. Meanwhile, tiny Jen makes her first delivery to the second floor. She gets an elevator. She does not get a receipt. Dun!

Nick and Don land on the mat. They're team number two; they fist-bump.

Hilariously, Jen yells at someone that he needs to move, because she's about to crash into him, because -- guess what! -- no brakes. At least not that she knows of. She and Kynt are now delivering to the same building. When she arrives, he's in the elevator with two tanks. She tells him that if he's only taking two, she's getting on with her two. "No," he tells her, "I'm getting mine and taking them up." Jen obediently stands there. Dude. No. GET ON THE ELEVATOR. PRESS THE BUTTON. I don't have any idea why she's doing this like this. You don't need permission; it's an elevator. Get on! She doesn't. She stands there while he goes outside, gets his third tank, gets back on the elevator, and closes the door. When he's gone, she says that since he's only going to the second floor, the elevator should be right back, so it's not worth it for her to take the stairs. She says that while he's on his first delivery and she's on her second, she's still nervous. She starts hollering up to him that he needs to close the door upstairs so that she can get the elevator. Apparently, the deal here is that Kynt's decided that by leaving the door open, he can hold the elevator until he's done, rather than releasing it for her to use while he drops off his stuff. I'm not sure the advantage here is very great, but I think what he misunderstands is that he believes he has to stand around getting signatures, which he doesn't, so he thinks he's stuck in the apartment for a few moments. Eventually, Jen runs up the stairs, yelling at him the whole time, and closes the door herself so she can call the elevator downstairs. She hucks the tanks onto the elevator and heads for the fifth floor. She drops off the tanks. Super-fortunately for her, as she's leaving, the woman she delivered to gestures to the receipt and reminds her she's supposed to take it. This causes Jen to realize she never got the first one. I will give Jen this much -- even though she realizes she forgot the receipt, she's still gracious as she leaves, thanking the woman politely. I don't give her credit really often, but I'll say that it impressed me a little that, rather than totally lose her shit here, Jen kind of refocused herself and didn't spend all her energy on panic.

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