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Welcome, Ron and Chris, you are team number three. They seem very relieved.

Jen runs back to the first place she was and runs up for the receipt as Kynt heads for the fifth floor of wherever to do his second delivery. We note here that Kynt is telling the woman who receives the stuff that she keeps one of the copies (!) and signs the other one (!). Everybody else has just grabbed the receipt -- which appears to be a Post-It -- and left. I'm not sure there's any signing. Jen returns with her paperwork and hands over her receipts and order slips. They get the pit stop clue and leave, but somebody tells them -- or they understand somebody to be telling them -- that they can get there on foot.

Meanwhile, Kynt returns with his receipts, but he has left the order slips behind, which isn't what the clue said to do. So he has to go back to the places he delivered to and retrieve the original order slips. Meanwhile, Jen freaks out when she realizes that the directions to run to the fort were not so good. "He told us THE WRONG WAAAAY-UH!" And then she tries, "Nate, this is so im-port-tant right now!" Because apparently, stressing the importance to Nate is the way to go? As Kynt works on getting his order slips back, Jen and Nate get the bad news that they do need a cab to the fort. Kynt and Vyxsin get in a cab. Jen and Nate get in a cab. In the cab, Nate wonders how Kynt and Vyxsin always show up, and Jen attributes it to "witch powers or something." Hee hee. On the way to the pit stop, Nate and Jen's driver seems confused, and they argue about how to respond to that, of course.

Pit stop! Running racer's POV! Phil! Greeter! Aaaaand...Nate and Jen. Wow. Asked if they know who's in last, they say they figure it's Kynt and Vyxsin, but Nate says Kynt and Vyxsin have been beating them all over the place today, so nothing would be a surprise. Heh.

Welcome, Kynt and Vyxsin. Having given away the race twice in the second half of the show, they are in last place and eliminated. Phil is sad to see them go, and calls them "the most fashionable couple ever on The Amazing Race." Kynt calls them "Goth kids" again, which...THEY ARE 29 AND 31. It is time to stop calling yourself "Goth kids," guys. Find another identity that you don't mind taking into your thirties, and try one without "kids" in it. As they stand looking out at the water trying to figure out how to put their arms around each other and make it look natural (seriously; look at it), Vyxsin voices over that as long as she has Kynt, "the adventure will never end." Yes. The adventure of yelling. The gift that keeps on giving.

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