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11:55 PM. Nate and Jen look pretty pleased about going to India, so that's good. In an interview, Nate says their relationship is improving, and Jen tells us that she just needs to think about how "embarrassed and disgusting" the relationship moments were earlier, and while she's not doing well with parallel structure, she's dead-on with the concept. They head directly for the airport.

1:06 AM. Ron and Chris. We learn that the money allotment for the leg is $105. They quickly conclude that they should call the airlines right now. Ron says he hopes this Renaissance city will be, as he puts it, "the Renaissance of me." Here's a hint, Ron: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON. They wind up calling for reservations on that same Air France flight that Nick and Don reserved.

2:11 AM. Man, these teams were really spread out. It's a good thing they can edit the show and keep timestamps off the screen, or last week's episode would have been extraordinary in its lack of suspense. TK and Rachel are, of course, all psyched about India, and you can believe they probably actually are. TK tells us that they seem to have spent a few legs just desperately trying to stay out of last place. Rachel adds that while they intend to remain "mellow" (as if they have a choice), she definitely senses the hovering pressure of increased competition.

And at 3:23 AM, Kynt and Vyxsin. Vyxsin talks about how the last leg feels like a "bad dream," because it never happens that she and Kynt "aren't totally in sync," which is her reference to the part where he shrieked at her like she was a noncompliant four-year-old -- a moment we are treated to once again in black and white. Kynt and his pink lipstick explain again about the Speed Bump, the extra task they'll have to do in this leg that nobody else will have to do, which is their punishment for coming in last in the non-elimination leg.

When Nate and Jen arrive at the airport, they find that it's closed, and she starts complaining about everyone catching up. "Who would think that the airport would be freakin' closed?" he wonders, and I resist the urge to quietly raise my hand in memory of a particularly traumatic trip to Spain during which I and a bunch of other high-school juniors missed a charter flight, found the airport closed, and wound up sleeping on the floor of a conference room at the local Marriott before spending two more days in New York before we could get to Spain by connecting through Paris, which is now notable because it is the only time I have ever been to Paris. I think I missed my chance at a big lawsuit-based payday, I have to say. When Ron and Chris arrive, they receive the news of the closed airport smoothly enough that it doesn't give away the tickets they have, and the two teams agree that the missing Nick and Don were probably smart enough to go back to sleep after leaving the mat. TK and Rachel and Kynt and Vyxsin arrive as well, and Vyxsin (I believe) says everyone's "in a clump," so it's all just fine. Of course, Ron and Chris are in a clump with tickets, and Nick and Don are asleep with tickets, so it's not quite as fine as she thinks.

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